mom shirt giveaway (now closed)

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i know it’s close to fathers day, but moms still can get something.

the wonderful owner of mommy loves has offered up a blue and white mom open 24/7 in your coice of size. sizes range from small to 2x

 the winner will have the choice of cap sleeve or 3/4 sleeve

don’t forget to check out mommy loves great products

must be a us resident 18+

one comment per entry

leave me a comment telling me about your biggest fustration as a mommy. (not getting enough sllep, tantrums, potty training) 

this contest will close at 12 pm est on june 19 2008

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63 thoughts on “mom shirt giveaway (now closed)

  1. My biggest frustration would be the tantrums. And potty training. It used to be no sleep. But I’m used to that now. I never get used to the tantrums.

  2. My biggest frustration was with my oldest son. He has separation anxiety and school phobia. From preschool until second grade, my husband and I went through a lot with him. Every day when I would take him to school, he would either not get out of the van ( he would run throughout the van trying to escape from me), or if I got him to the classroom, he would run out. As he got older, it took the principle and the school social worker holding him down outside and me walking away. I think I cried daily for almost 3 years! Anyway, therapy and time did heal most of the wounds! He is a wonderful person, athletic and does well in school. Thanks, Cindi

  3. I’d love to win this for my sister-in-law. I know she is going through much frustration right now as she potty trains her 3 year old son. My nephew is a gem, but not ready to grow up yet. She is being so patient and working so well with him. I’d love to win this for her as a way to encourage her to stick to it!

  4. I’d like this for my niece who has 4-month-old twins. She really needs them to start sleeping all night.

  5. Right now Im most frustrated with my oldest, who is going through the rebellious almost a teenager stage. She’s a great student, a good girl but one with a bit of an attitude!

  6. I would definately say the lack of time. I never have time to properly clean the entire house. I never have time to take a nice and long hot bath. I never have time to watch any of my favorite shows anymore. I never have time to get a full night’s sleep. She’s all worth every bit of it, sometimes I just miss the little ‘me moments’.

    learningmama at yahoo dot com

  7. The biggest frustration, rainy days, when the kids can’t get outside to wear off extra energy! That seems like all we’ve been having lately…

  8. My biggest frustration is splitting my attention between my daughters. Baby has so many needs but if I don’t give the 4 yo some quality 1 on 1 time then the tantrums are tremendous!!!

  9. My biggest frustration as a mom is dealing with temper tantrums! Thanks for the chance to win such a cute shirt!

  10. My biggest frustration… always feeling tired. With a 2 year old and a 7 month old I seem to be constantly tired.

  11. My biggest frustration…okay…well I have an 8 year old and a 9 month old. We were so used to having a clean, organized house…and after the baby came…so did all of her stuff! It’s everywhere, but I wouldn’t give her up for the world. Someday I’ll have a clean house again!

  12. My biggest frustration is juggling my 2 year old and 9 month old with all the other things that need to be done.

  13. That shirt is too cool! My biggest frustration is getting my cherub to sleep thru the night. At almost 17 months, she still up wakes several times a night, every single night . . .

  14. My picky eater is my biggest frustration right now. She just throws all her food and barely eats all day. It’s driving me crazy!

  15. ok..well…it used to teenagers…need I say more?
    But now at 48, I have an 8 yr. old and it’s tough to keep up!

  16. This describes my daughter in law. She is a SAHM with four children ages 3-12. The two older ones are in soccer, three of them go for piano lessons, they are involved in church activities, she plans and cooks nutritous meals, etc. I think she would appreciate this shirt

  17. I have 2 boys, ages 11 and 6. My biggest frustration is having enough patience with them, 24/7. Patience is definately a vurtue that I wasn’t born with.

  18. My biggest frustration as a mom is not having the support and help of the other half, the dad, being more involved in our sons life! To stay postive and focused I need help!

  19. It’s not that I don’t get enough sleep…it’s that I don’t get anything ELSE done other than taking care of the baby and sleeping. (she’s only 2 months old, and I’m new at this!)

  20. DISCIPLINE!!!!! UGH!!! DO I have to say anything more…..if only we knew exactly what to say and do at any given moment! Then how to correct what was wronged and make it right!

  21. trying to keep up with a 5 year old after having raised a 29, 24 and 20 year old.
    I feel very old

  22. My biggest frustration? Teaching my son patience! He is turning 9, coming into his own identity very nicely, except he doesn’t know that patience is going to be key to handling problems well. He doesn’t have any and he’s testing mine daily!

  23. My biggest frustration as a mom is that no one respects the 24/7 deal. There is no leave or vacation or time off. Well, rarely. If it’s 3 a.m. and someone’s sick, you’re on duty no matter how exhausted you are. So I love this t-shirt!

  24. some of the shocking things they learn from other kids. my grandson came home and said grandma i know how to spell the f word. i was speechless.

  25. My biggest frustration is that I feel like I can never keep on top of the housework. I get one room cleaned and while I was doing that the kids have trashed the rest of the house.

  26. Well, the frustration seems to change as the children go through different stages. The biggest have been sleep deprivation and potty training thus far. Fortunately, I’ve lived through doing it with two (potty training) and I’m living to tell about it. 🙂

  27. My biggest frustration right now is also potty training. He just does not want to do it! He has no fear of doing it and is very excited when he does it, but he just has no interest in it. He is already 3 1/2, how much longer is he going to wait?

  28. Going to sleep at nite ,I read to them but then they want me lay down with them until they fall asleep. Its fine most of the time but some days I am just too busy and then its “Mom,can I get some water,Mom, I have to go to the bathroom…lol

  29. What a fun giveaway!! my most frustrating (but funniest) was when my son lathered toothpaste on his legs and “shaved” them with a toy razor from his shaving kit.

  30. Lately, it’s having a two-year-old who constantly asks “Why?”

    Here’s a sample of my recent convo. with my DD:

    Her: “Is that a birdie?”

    Me: “Yes, it’s a Robin?”

    Her: “Why?”

    Me: “Well, see it’s orange tummy? That means he’s a Robin.”

    Her: “But WHY is it a BIRDIE?'”

    Me: “Uhh… It just IS!”

    What else what I supposed to say??!?

  31. My biggest frusteration now (it changes day to day) is my son bugging my daughter. Then she rewards his behavior by crying and they both get a lot of negative attention. I have tried ignoring it, tried telling her not to listen to him, tried time outs for him. Nothing works… seems it is just too much fun for him to get his sister all worked up.

  32. feeling invisible like in the commercial- sometimes it seems like everyone in the house doesn’t hear me or listen to me- hubby included…

  33. The biggest frustration is feeling like I never have enough time to do all things I need to around the house or for myself.

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  34. Since my baby is still too young to talk or sign yet, my biggest frustration is not knowing what she wants and needs all the time. Crying fits from mom and baby are usually the result.

  35. i have to say the kids fighting..they fight over the tiniest issues ..its going to be such a long summer 🙁

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