fun at the table boon giveaway

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i recently reviewed some products from the boon feeding line. read my review here. these products are not only safe, they bring fun to the table. my daughter can’t wait to sit down and eat with her groovy plate!

boon has generously offered a lucky reader the groovy interlocking plate/bowl, catch bowl, and the modware utensils           

Boon ModWare Toddler Utensils                    



must be a us resident, 18+

one comment per person

visit boon and tell me what you favorite product is, and who you would give this too

closes july 18 at 5 pm est

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196 thoughts on “fun at the table boon giveaway

  1. I love the Flo in the bath section, my daughter would love one of those! My stepdaughter is pregnant with her first child so the utensils would go to her, I am sure she’d love them!

  2. I really love the animal bags for storage. We could really use this set. My 22 month old would enjoy it now and my 5 month old could later! Thanks!

  3. The fluid no spill cup would be so great for my grandson, as would the entire set. I know my daughter has talked about getting more boon products so she would appreciate it! She already has the frog bath scoop and loves it!

  4. I love the Groovy plate and bowl set for my toddler son. It would be the perfect way to encourage my toddler to get excited about eating his meals. The fact that it is PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free is especially appealing.

  5. I love the bath frog, we have one and I love it! This is a great set..I will be using it for my twins. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win! =)

  6. I think the benders utensils from Boon look like such a great design. My son always has a hard time turning his spoon, just so, to get food in his mouth. This set would be for my son if I won. Thanks.

  7. I really like the Flo. This would be so nice to be able to wash my sons hair with rather then it coming straight down out of the faucet. These products are really nice.. Love the feeding products too! Great Giveaway

  8. I like the Rick Rack infant bracelet and I would give this, along with other newborn gifts to my daughter in law who is expecting. The fun at the table set is also something that would be a great start for a new moms collection. They grow up so quickly!

  9. I love the Boon animal sack. This would be perfect for my daughter who is just trying to figure out how to use utensils and eat like us.

  10. My favorite is the cute snack ball. Boon is such a neat company with so many creative ideas. I would give this as a baby shower gift to a friend who is due in the fall.

  11. I love the Boon Snack ball. I already have this set, but I would love to win it for my brother and his wife who are going to be first time parents! Thanks!!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  12. I really like the Flo faucet cover. My 2-year-old son still hates baths, and I think this would really help.

  13. I like the snack ball! If I win, I’d be giving the set to my 18 month old son! It’s perfect for him because he’s currently practicing (key word practicing) to use his plate, and his utensils!

  14. I love the Layette Pant Set in the Wave style. So cute!

    If I win, I would give this to my neighbor, who is about to have her first baby. Thanks!

  15. I’m a Boon fan and love the Frog Pod. I would use it in my kids’ bathroom.

  16. I love the Flo, its worked wonderfully at our house. I would probably either use these for my son or give them to my niece! thanks!!

  17. My favorite product is the flo (haven’t tried it yet but would love to) this looks like a wonderful item for bath times.

    These would go to my nieces.

  18. I like the Bubbles bracelet. I’d give the bracelet to my best friend’s daughter and I’d keep the eating set for my daughter! Boon products are super cute!

  19. i love the snackball. i would give it to my little friend dash because he is always searching me for food when i see him : )

  20. My favorite Boon product has to be the FLO.
    Because Tristan doesn’t like when he gets water in his face this could allow to make things easier for him to rinse shampoo from his hair

  21. I love the “flo” for the bath tub – what a great idea! If I won I’d give this set to my dear friend that is due with her first in just a few weeks! Thanks so much!

  22. I have the squirt and the snack ball. They are great. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to need the Boon Potty Bench. I like Boon products because of their modern look.

  23. I like hte snack ball and the benders silverware.

    I would ues these with my daughter and when she outgrew them, I’d pass them down to one of my two nieces (who get all our pass me downs!)

  24. I love the Groovy plate and the Mod utensils! They would be perfect for my 1 year old who is just starting to feed himself!

  25. I love the flo!! I would use this at my house for when my niece and nephew came over to visit every week! Thanks!!

  26. I love the Frog Pod, sooo cute.

    If I win I would use the win for my kids and various nieces and nephews when they come over.

  27. Thank you so much for this giveaway. My favorite Boon Product is the Snack Ball. If I won, I would give this to my sister for my newborn nephew to use. I usedBoon products with my children and love them. I’d like to introduce Boon products to my sister for her to use with her kids.
    Thanks so much.

  28. I like the Flo – it’s great to protect your child’s head from the faucet and be able to have a great hair rinser. I’d use this for my daughter in the bath. Thanks!

  29. I would love to win these for our little boy who is 2. We can also pass them down to our little one due in December. Thanks for the chance to win

  30. With the messes my son makes, I love the catch bowl. If I won, I’d keep it for my next baby due in 11 days!

  31. I love the Bubbles toddler bracelet and I would give it to my new great-grand girl who is due anytime now. Sweet site.

  32. The fluid no spill cup would sure be helpful at our house. a little someone I know thought spilling was an olympic sport

  33. The flo is GENIUS!!!! People are so creative!! The utensils would go into the baby shower basket I’m making for my best friend who is due the end of July!! What a great addition this would make!

  34. The cute snack ball is perfect for my grandsons,ive got a 6 month old an a 3 yr old who would love all this,an so would grandma,thanks

  35. The Boon Potty Bench is awesome – I want one for when my son starts potty training! My 2 boys would use the Boon tableware, and they would love it!

  36. I like the frog pod. I have lusted after it in stores before. I would use this set for my 2 little ones. Thanks!

  37. We would love to have the potty bench & set of utencils for our nephew. Have a nice day contact callarse_1(at) OR scott(at)roxette(dot)org

  38. I really like the Animal Bags. Great use for stuffed animals.
    If I won, I’d give it to my niece who is the right age for these.

  39. Those Flair highchairs are gorgeous. I was given one of those enormous plastic things that takes up half the kitchen. Wish I’d known about Boon products then.

  40. I LOVe the potty bench and want two of them for my little monkey girls! They are 12 months apart, and will be using them for a short time.

    I’d save these Boon products for my two little girls. I have one full set, and I’d LOVE to get another for them. It is a peace of mind for me that they are healthy.

  41. I love the animal bags. I see a cleaner and more organized room. I would keep the products for myself. Thanks for the chance.

  42. I really like the potty bench! I am trying to potty train my 2 year old son and this looks like a much better potty than he has now. If I won this, I’d give it to my son.

  43. I love the Trio animal bags – we’re going to need it around here with the amount of stuffed animals we’re already accumulating – eep! We have the frog pod, and it’s great!

    We’d definately be using them here (but if they are still in great shape when we outgrow them, I’m sure we’d pass them on to family).

  44. Hello! I have always thought the “Boon” Otto Animal Bag is wonderful. I think that when it holds the stuffed animals, it helps lessen allergies from them. It can also be used to lay and rest on. It would be great to lie on and read a good book! Thanks, Cindi

  45. Those animal bags are a great idea! I always have such a hard time managing our stuffed animals, this would help to keep them (I especially have a hard time getting rid of them!) from spreading out through the house!

  46. My favorite cousin is expecting her first child. I think she would find the fun at the table set great fun when baby starts to “try” at eating his food.

  47. My niece is expecting. She would find the Otto Animal Bag a big help in keeping all those cute stuffed toys from becoming clutter.

  48. These products are great!! Where were they when my kids were little? I would love to have the interlocking plate and bowl set for my granddaughter if` my entry is chosen.

  49. I like the Flo it would be so handy for the kids and little grandsons. I would give the prize to my new grandson.

  50. Why I just love the utensils, they are so cute, and looking on the site, I also loved the fact that they have additional food (eating) items, especially the snack ball!

  51. I need that FLO thing. If I won the prize my 3 year old daughter would use it, she loves to eat, and it shows (ok, she is a little, I mean alot chubby).

  52. I like the frog pod as so many others do! I would keep the dishes at my place for when my nephew visits — eating at Auntie’s place will be so cool then!

  53. We have the Boon Flo and the snack ball at home and we absolutely love Boon! I would love to win this for my little girl who’s trying really hard to eat by herself!
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  54. I love the colors of their products, I’m a bit tired of pink. I love how the items would look great right along with the adult plates. I really think the catch bowl is a brilliant idea, I would love to use this with my son. (anything that keeps stuff off the floor is awesome to me! Lol)

  55. We have the Boon Frog Pod in the kids’ bathtub, and it is awesome! It makes cleaning up the bath toys super easy, and they don’t get all slimy. I would keep this adorable feeding set for one of my kids. They would both like it!

  56. The jewlery is absolutely adorable I just love the newborn Whale bracelet, the Otto Animal Bag and soft seat is a really unique concept, the groovy interlocking plate and bowl set would be awesome for my grandson who cannot stand for his food to touch, the frog pod would be so much easier in the tub then the current suction cup bag that I use for the toysand the boon layettes with their attachable bibs are awesome!

  57. I just love their site – have you seen the otto and other plush storage/seat products – sooooooo cool.

    I would give it either to my toddler or to my sister-in-law -she’s expecting!

  58. I am a boon freak (I just got the coolest package from them with some KEEN products in it, I’m in love!)

    I like the interlocking plate, it keeps meals fun and entertaining!
    I’d keep this for my best friend who just had a son. I’d give it to him when he comes over to eat with me 🙂

  59. I love that fork and spoon set. My little granddaughter would love using it. Thanks for the contest!

  60. I’d like the interlocking plates or the no spill toddler cups they both look fun and interesting.

    I’d give these to my friend who has a baby who’s now 3 months old. They’d come in handy for her (and of course tell her where to get more)

  61. I like the snack ball…I would give it to myself for my son! But, I would pass it along to a friend when he grew out of is, as I do all of his things! Thanks!

  62. I love the Otto. To be able to store stuff in it and use is like a bean bag is great. looks so coumfy (sp?)

  63. I love the otto! We have so many stuffed animals hanging around we can probably fill about 5 of those LOL 🙂

  64. I think the FROGGY bath stuff would be awesome! My daughter is all about frogs since we got a real aquatic frog for our fish tank!

  65. Crazy about the Frog Pod…its so cute. Loving the Benders and the Groovy Plate. And I’m budgeting for an Animal Bag for the holidays. Great products.

  66. Definitely love the Trio bag to store all the stuffed animals away. They have taken over our house. If I won, I would give the win to my littlest. She is Mamma’s Baby for sure and loves her own baby stuff.

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