Halfway to Each Other review

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Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home

Marriage can get complicated at times, and even hateful. I know I have had a few problems in my marriage.  The book Halfway to Each Other talks about a couple who after 18 years of marriage wanted a divorce. Susan Pohlman was more than ready to start divorce proceedings after her and her husband came home from a business trip in Italy.   On the last day of their Italian Riviera, Susan’s husband came up with a different idea. instead of signing divorce papers, What if they sign a one year apartment lease in Italy.

After selling everything in California and taking their to kids back to Italy, they start to realize how to be on the same team, and what family life is all about. 

My thoughts:  I found this book very insightful. knowing that its based on a true story and that sometimes you can find a way to make things work.  Its very heartfelt. its fun to think how life away from big cities and malls can change your perspective on life.  


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