Spongebob Viking Size Adventure DVD Review and giveaway(closed)

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Product Details
Description:Join SpongeBob and his pals as they go on a Viking-Sized Adventure, weather a storm, fill in for super heroes Mermaidman and Barnacleboy and meet Mr. Krabs grandpappy the pirate, guest starring Dennis Quaid and Ian McShane!
this DVD contains 6 episodes:
  • Dear Vikings- there is a viking them at the krusty krab for a promotion, so Spongebob sets out to learn all about them.
  • Ditchin-Spongebob sneeks out of school to attend Mermaidman and Barnacleboy’s book signing.
  • Pineapple fever– During  big storm squidward gets stuck indoors with Spongebob and Patrick
  • Chum Caverns-Plankton opens a new underground restaurant, but it could possibly put the Krusty Krab out of business
  • Grandpappy the pirate– Mr krabs granddad is coming for a visit, but he thinks he is  a pirate.
  • Cephalopod Lodge-Squidward is part of a secret society lodge, but Spongebob and Patrick get him kicked out.
  • Shuffle boarding– Spongebob and Patrick end up filling in for Mermaidman and Barnicleboy for a tourament, but get a little to carried away.
  • Professor Squidward-Squidward disguises himself as squilliam to teach at a music school, but Spongebob and Patrick show up and nearly blow his cover.

Special features:Animation art gallery, storyboard panels, character art.

****We love Spongebob he is so funny and a great children’s character. I love how Spongebob brings kids laughter and even learning to children.  These are not new episodes, I have seen them on Nickelodeon before, they do introduce new characters though (guest stars).

Release date:1/26/10


Running time:88 minutes

I have 3 copies to giveaway
To enter tell me who you like more Mermaidman or Barnacleboy?
Extra entries:
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contest closes 2/4/09
Disclosure: I  received a product courteous of the company, who also provided giveaway.
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190 thoughts on “Spongebob Viking Size Adventure DVD Review and giveaway(closed)

  1. we like Mermaidman the best, my grandson stays glued to tv when spongebob is on loves him, thanks
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

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