Top Three Reasons To Invest In A New Ice Machine Before Summer Arrives

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Guest post by Beth W

If your business serves up hundreds of cold drinks per day, you need a reliable and productive ice machine. Investing in a new appliance before the summer season begins will help you prepare for the rush of thirsty visitors looking for their favorite drinks with fresh, clean ice to keep them cool.

1. Handling Demand

The worst thing that could happen on a hot summer day would be an icemaker malfunction at your moment of peak demand. Small or older appliances often struggle to keep producing ice at a fast pace when demand spikes. A large and powerful icemaker from Culinary Depot will keep drinks moving out as soon as your workers can fill the cups. When the heat waves come, you don’t want to be using appliances that are obsolete and about to fail. Make sure to purchase a unit that will handle the amount of customers your business serves.

2. Easy To Clean

It is crucial to disinfect and clean the ice maker on a regular basis to prevent bacterial colonies from settling in and making guests ill. Many older models are full of nooks and crannies that make thorough cleaning a pain. You need to look for a new model that is designed for quick disinfection so your employees can spend less time cleaning and more time serving customers. Models with convenient bottom drains can speed up rinsing while ensuring no disinfectant or cleaning product remains in the tank to contaminate the ice.

3. Higher Efficiency
Spend less on your business expenses by investing in a quality icemaker that can produce pounds of ice per hour without using a lot of electricity. Extra insulation will keep ice frozen and ready to use while softening the noise that older commercial appliances usually produce during operation.

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  1. This is something my husband and I were just talking about. We were talking about getting an ice maker and a machine to shave it.

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