Mother’s Day: Logic E-Cigs Help You Quit

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This is a sponsored post, written by me for Logic E-Cigs. Product was provided which was then donated to a family member.


When I was first approached to try E-Cigs, I said absolutely no way. I am not a smoker at all. Then when I learned my Mother was trying to quit after almost 40 years, I thought this may help her.

When we received the Logic E-Cigs, there were 4 samples and I was confused as to why. they all had nicotine in them except 1 the Zero. It’s a system though, you start with the E-Cig with most nicotine. Then move down, the nicotine drops 7% then 14% until your on your last one the zero which has absolutely no nicotine.

No the E-Cig is not like one simple cigarette. One E-Cig will last you a while about as long as 2 packs.


***While I don’t smoke, I did pass this on to my Mother and brother. I am so proud that she is quitting after all these years. She said that they E-Cigs don’t really have a great after taste. I would figure that to be expected though because they have no tar and chemicals.

I would recommend these if you are determined to quit, they do help.

Have you ever tried a E-Cig?

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