Finally Star Student

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My son who is in Kindergarten this year, has watched his sisters get Star Student in school every year. So now that he is in school, he has waited tirelessly month after month for his name to be called.

Yesterday was the assembly to announce star students for December. My son was sad all morning, crying and saying he wouldn’t win. I told him it would be okay and he is always my star student.

Behold he came off the bus, wearing a medal and big smile. He won Star Student this month. He is so proud of himself, he refuses to take off the medal.


Now my daughter i upset, because out of the three of them she is the only one who has not gotten star student this school year.

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2 thoughts on “Finally Star Student

  1. Congrats to your son!!
    Sorry that your daughter is sad, now. Although, she should know she won 3 before and she is still a star!!

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