Jan 28

Wordless Wednesday: Love to Read

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Even at the library where there is Computers and games, she chooses to read! :)

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  1. Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes

    My daughter is a reader as well. Isn’t it wonderful.

  2. stevebethere

    Ha! she looks well into that book nice to see rather than an iPad heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week 😉

  3. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

    That is great! My daughter loves to read as well, just like I do. Great photo!!

  4. Patricia

    I love to see young ones reading…. and from an actual book, that’s even better!!

  5. Teresa Kindred

    My mom was a reading teacher for 17 years. She passed on her love of reading to so many students that even though she’s been gone for 23 years I still receive letters from former students of hers saying what a difference she made in their lives. Reading is a way to open doors and enrich our lives. I’m so glad your little girl enjoys it! Blessings to you from NanaHood.com

  6. Mystery Case

    My three girls are the same, always have their noses stuck in a book. I really need to have a book ban and get them back to doing craft and other things.

  7. Char

    That’s such a great thing. Lucky mama.
    Happy W.W.

  8. Jay @craftyspices

    That is awesome, reading is the window to so many new things. It’s a blessing to have children that love books.
    Have a lovely day!

  9. Kristi

    I wish some of that love would find it’s way into my nine year old’s heart. He is not a fan of reading. Good for her! Read on…and on! :)

  10. Trisha

    She’s reading Goosebumps! I loved Goosebumps as a child!

  11. Emilee

    That’s awesome she loves to read! I hope when our kids are more proficient readers they’ll really be into reading, too!

  12. Healy Harpster

    That’s great that she chose to read than to play! She’ll learn important things from reading.

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