Winter Will Still Be Here Past Spring

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This has been one of the worst winters so far since I have lived in Long Island. Granted that has only been 4 year, but still. We have had a lot of snow in prior years, probably more snow then we did this year.
The difference with this year has just been the cold weather. All the snow on the ground is frozen solid, and there is no indication of it melting any time soon.

Yes, we have has at least a week with temps over 40 and even today the temps are in the 60’s which is perfect. The big blocks of ice and snow are melting so slowly, I have a feeling they will be here until Spring.

This just won’t give me my driveway back.



It’s that big from constantly having the driveway plowed and frozen. LOL!

Not to mention the snow has been on the ground so long that is is black and just dirty and ugly.


Now that the snow on the sidewalks is slowly melting I am starting to find treasures. If only I could find money! LOL!


Do you still have snow on the ground where you are?

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One thought on “Winter Will Still Be Here Past Spring

  1. We don’t still have any snow here in GA, but we had a rough winter, too, as far as winters go in Georgia. I’ll be so glad when the warmer temps are here to stay!

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