Shopkins So Cool Fridge and Shopkins Easter Basket

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Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A fridge was provided for review.

My kids have fallen for the Shopkins craze, and when a new product comes out they just want it.
One of the latest products is the Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset.


The fridge comes with two special characters and tiny eggs. You can open the fridge and all it’s compartments. The ice maker even works, just stick a Shopkin on it and push for ice and it falls in the cup. The fridge can hold plenty of Shopkins and has been non stop fun for my kids.


They have been sticking the shoes and appliances in the fridge,and then complaining it doesn’t go there. We don’t have very many season 1 which have the Dairy.

My kids love Shopkins but as a mom they can be so hard to find, and there have been a few times where I will find them but then someone scoops everything up before I can get one. It has taken months just to get the few we have, because I tell my kids they can have 1 pack each when we find them. It’s only fair to leave them for other kids who love them.

Shopkins Easter Basket Fun:

We have been putting together some fun ideas for a Shopkins Easter Basket including the fridge. Shopkins are so small they can fit in the Easter eggs and it’s perfect for a egg hunt.



Depending on the size eggs you buy you can fit a Shopkin in a small egg or a Shopkin with a shopping bag in a big egg.


Will you be doing a Shopkins Easter Basket?

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