Gravity Falls For Nintendo 3DS review

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Disney and Ubisoft have introduced a new game just for kids. Gravity Falls Legend of the Gnome Gemulets is a brand new game where Mabel and Dipper explore together to save the Mystery Shack. In this game you can switch between the two characters to defeat objects and Jeff the Gnome to save the Mystery Shack.

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The graphics in this game are phenomenal, and allows you to go through levels and obstacles with no problems.

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**Gravity Falls The Legend of the Gnome Gemulets is so much fun. I had trouble putting it down the first day. Mabel and Dipper work together with their own talents to defeat the gnomes and save the Mystery Shack. Mabel can swing over rocks and trees with her graveling Hook and dipper can shrink with his flashlight. Every level you have a giant gnome to fight at the end, Mabel uses her sleeves from her sweater to whack her enemies and Dipper uses a battle cuff.
I am stuck at the last level Jeff the Gnome becomes a giant and is relentless at defeating Mabel and Dipper.

You can learn more about Gravity Falls Legends of the Genome at Ubisoft and buy it here.

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received for this post. A product was received from Ubisoft.

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One thought on “Gravity Falls For Nintendo 3DS review

  1. This looks like something my son would enjoy. He could use some new games for his Nintendo 3DS system. This would be a good gift for his birthday next month.

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