Eye vision Exams are Important For Young Kids

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Eye vision Exams are important for young kids, because while they say they can see they may not be able to really see. I hope that makes sense. This is a post I wanted to write as it’s near and dear to my heart.

Today is the one year anniversary of my son getting glasses. While that may not seem like a important milestone to some it is to me. My son didn’t get glasses until he was seven and I never noticed any vision problems with him at all.
When it came time to start reading in school, he did pretty well but read slow.
It wasn’t until the teacher moved him to the back of the classroom he started complaining. Then came the dreaded phone call from the school nurse that he had failed a eye exam.
Now keep in mind he had never said a word about not being able to see and could do his homework and read without problems.

I made a eye appt for him at our local Target. After the appt. the examiner told me just how bad his eye vision was and I immediately felt like a horrible mother. He is near sighted in one eye, Far in the other, along with so many other things.


I went home and just cried. How could I not of known my son had such bad vision.

We had to go back and get his prescription eye glasses changed twice as the prescription was so strong they wanted to ease him into it.

I will never forget the first words out of my sons mouth walking out of the store. “I feel so small in this big world.” His vision was that bad.

But he is doing amazing now top of his class and reading chapter books in second grade.

So please get your children eye exams if you notice anything wrong.

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One thought on “Eye vision Exams are Important For Young Kids

  1. Don’t feel bad!!!
    Kids who have vision impairments (or most other impairments) dont know or wouldnt know anything is wrong especially if no one else mentioned it or it caused them to have obvious symptoms. It is a good idea thoogh to get aa childs vision checked when they begin school or one would never know about some vision problems.
    They (kids) especially adapt….. as adults adapt to deficits.
    I think he looks quite dashing in his glasses!

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