I am Not You or Them

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As a mom I have come along a lot of struggles in my life. I have many questions I have had answered and just life in general has been hard. As a child I had a horrific accident that would forever change my life and perspective. I keep having to tell myself overtime I get jealous of someone else life or success. I am not you or them, I am myself I have my own life and it can’t be compared to others.

Raising kids can be hard specially on a budget or without any help. Overtime I did seek help or made a excuse for something I was always met with ” So so can do this while raising a child, So so went to college. The only thing I want to do is scream in their face I am not you or them, I am me.
Just because a single mother who lives down the street can find a job no problem, doesn’t mean I will. We are different people, different skills. I am a bit shy, she is not.

Now that my kids are older and I am actively looking looking for a job as well as a career goal, I am once again met with this fate. Well your neighbor has found a job and the girl down the street has a career. Just because someone else has something doesn’t mean it’s just that easy for the next person.

Every person is different. Different skills, body language, and personalities.

*** I wrote this as a reminder to people that not everyone has the same opportunities and instead of comparing them to others you should just encourage them to keep trying.

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2 thoughts on “I am Not You or Them

  1. You are you.
    Here is my ‘take’ on things… there has always been comparisons from time immortal. Today though in this world of social media, it makes things tougher not to compare. People spread it on all platforms about great vacations, great jobs etc. Its hard not to wonder ‘why not me?’ when you see it.
    Just remember those same people 99.9% of the time think they have shortcomings. Most have insecurities, they think their homes arent big enough, something isnt grand enough. They never truly are satisfied with what they have and forget others arent as fortunate. Sometimes they even used the platforms to make themselves feel better. But, in their mind they have obstacles that are as huge as those who truly know a tough time. Heck there are some who have gofundme pages to make their wonderful loves even better when they have plenty.
    I vote you keep trying, you are smart, you have talent, and those things that made you who are are are strengths .
    Whatever you do, you will be fine. And being a Mom isnt a bad word, it’s a noble thing too have less materially and spend time than anything else. Kids forget ‘things’ but they never forget the time you spend because in this life time is the most precious gift of all.

  2. I am shy too, I don’t feel like I have enough pizazz to acheive anything ambitious or crazy or be brave and own my own business and forget sales! NO way. All of that would make me stressed, crazy, and unhappy. I have gotten better, little by little achieving more in my current job. Sometimes I think I should do more, be more. But what’s wrong with what I have.
    It’s hard starting over, finding a new job, new direction. Please don’t get discouraged, it will happen, even if gradually, and gradually might be best. As for the others, sometimes people do say those things, not to make you feel bad, but as a way to offer a suggestion or some hope. Unless they are mean spirited, then please do not listen to them.

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