Scrub Bugs Helps Kids Clean Their hands

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Having 3 kids of my own I know how hard it is to get kids to wash their hands. When they do they rush and don’t use soap. Getting them really clean is just not a priority for them. Now with the new idea of Scrub Bugs washing hands is going to be fun.

Scrub Bugs Group Shot

Inspired by the tools surgeons use to scrub up before surgery, Scrub Bugs are pediatrician endorsed and are proven by independent lab tests to clean hands over 3X better than ordinary hand washing. In fact, real life in-use tests prove that kids wash their hands more often, with more pressure, and for longer with Scrub Bugs. Not to mention they are pretty darn cute!

Dirty hands are the #1 cause of germs and sickness, as a mom I know that my kids are sick at least once a month. Making sure their hands are clean is important.

My kids think they are so cute they even want to use them in the bathroom.

Scrub Bug -Child Using

Using a Scrub Bug is easy just….

Simply wet your Scrub Bug and pump a little foam soap on the contoured surgeons sponge.
Scrub the front and the back of the hands, making sure you get between those fingers.
Now do the same thing with the other hand.
Then use the soft scrub up bristles, to get under your nails where germs like to hang out.
To finish, just rinse, squeeze and stand the Scrub Bug on it’s end for hygienic drying.

This is a Kickstarter campaign and almost at it’s goal. To donate or find out more click here.

This is not a compensated campaign.

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One thought on “Scrub Bugs Helps Kids Clean Their hands

  1. It’s pretty easy to get them to wash their hands, they like the soap bubbles but I can see how this would help some kids who aren’t into hand washing.

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