Table Setting Trends

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2016 has seen a change in what a bride is interested in. They want their wedding to be a fun experience for guests, and showcases who they are. The same goes with table settings. What we see trending now is different than what was trending last year.


Metallics is one type of table setting that has been trending. It is versatile, whimsical, elegant, and natural. This table setting has the capability of popping out the décor filling the room. Rose gold is bound to show up at many wedding venues around the world, such as table linens or rings. Ballrooms inside the banquet halls in Glendale, CA will take on a look that each bride desires. However, silver is a metallic that is going on the wane.

Floral Arrangements

Arrangements which are in season and local are something that many brides are finding more attraction to. At times these arrangements can take on a wild look from the couple’s request. They really are looking to have fresh blooming flowers. These centerpieces and free-form bouquets are many times a mixture of both big and small blossoms in at least two colors. For an exclamation use, these sometimes uses fruiting vines or spiky flowers. With these flowers set on the tables in an elegant ballroom, inside banquet halls Glendale, CA, guests are sure to be stunned by their beauty.


Brides have become amazed by non-floral centerpieces such as potted plants, ferns, succulents, decorative leaves, and lavender sprigs. These are no longer used only for anchoring flowing arrangements, they can now be the focal point of the table. Many wedding venues are beginning to see this new trend take off with much popularity. These are an excellent idea for couples that are on a tight budget, and want to bring sophistication to the banquet halls Glendale CA.

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