New Changes Are Coming

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So I have been posting a little less lately, thats because I have taken on a job outside of home, but also because some new changes are coming to No Time Mommy.

First, I know we just up and moved everything to Connecticut from NY. It was hard leaving all the great opportunities at NYC offered as a blogger. After a year some personal stuff has happened and we have decided that Connecticut just isn’t for us. So my family along with No Time Mommy of course will be setting up shop in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
My husband has been offered a great job there in the science industry and I can’t wait to see what great opportunities it will open to me personally and perfessionally.
Another great thing is I will finally be close to home, I am originally from California and haven’t been back in almost 10 years.

Name Change: I have been going back and forth about this. When I originally started my website it was No Time Mom on free wordpress, unfortunately someone snagged the domain shortly after before I could get it. So I decided to go with Notimemommy. My kids were younger and it just sounded right. Now that my kids are older and almost tweens, I am considering going back to No Time Mom. Although the social media handles for it are all taken.

What do you think, should I change the name back? What do you think of California?

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One thought on “New Changes Are Coming

  1. I am excited for you going back to California! (can I come with you?) You wont have to deal with snow or ice and it will be so nice! Its great too you will be back where you want to be.


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