Meeting Family For the First Time In Years

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So it has been exactly 2 months since I moved back to my home state of California. I’ll admit I didn’t want to come and a big part of me is still urging to go back to the North East. I haven’t been to California in 10 years and even then I didn’t see 97% of my family when I came.

This last week has been relaxing and hard at the same time for me. I have been visited by my parents separately of course, but haven’t seen my father in 12 years and he has never met my children. My mother in 8 years. So it was a enjoyable but kind awkward at the same time. I have just been gone so long.


While my mother was down we decided to visit some of my aunts and uncles, as well as cousins. This just made it a bit harder on me as I met so many people I never even knew existed. I haven’t seen this side of my family since the year 2000, and even then that was for a funeral.

It was great seeing everyone, and all were shocked to see more. After all I am a grown woman now with a family of my own.

Have you ever gone a extended period of time without seeing family?

*** Went to my family reunion and it was a blast, but I do admit that I didn’t know who a few of my cousins were it has just been that long.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting Family For the First Time In Years

  1. It happens more often these days to families I think than people admit. I mean when you are half way across the country you just dont see people. We had our family reunion not long ago, and heck I hadnt met most of my great nieces and nephews and still couldnt tell you their names. I dont see them often.

  2. I am wondering how it is going for you now, you have been there for awhile now. Has it gotten any better? Have the kids adjusted ? I hope it is going well.

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