Wordless Wednesday: First Day Of School

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Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.53.21 PM

Here in California they start school super early. Their first day of school was on Monday

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: First Day Of School

  1. I started last week. I’m a college instructor. My kids start this Wednesday. We live in Nebraska. So…not too early. 🙂

    Your kids look like they are going to rock their first day.

  2. Wow, back to school already for your kids? Mine don’t go back until the end of this month. Hope your kids have a great school year!

  3. Three beautiful California Kiddos!
    Wishing everyone a great school year full of learning, friends and fun 🙂
    We miss you guys here in New York!

  4. Time has flown by…. as one of your longtime followers and watching the kids grow it is hard to believe they are getting that grown up so quickly. Time passes so fast. Just yesterday they were silly kids and small, today they have their own personalities . Good looking bunch and great pic!

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