Amazing (mostly Edible) Science Review

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We are a big science family. My kids specially love it, collecting data and watching the results is their favorite. Their favorite experiments are done in the kitchen. Science and cooking mixed is like a dream for them.

We received Amazing (Mostly Edible) Science book and my daughter has been non stop with trying all the recipes (experiments).


She has tried so many like the 5 minute ice cream, it turned out good but was a bit messy.
Right now she is working on making her own pickles from scratch, which can take up to a week. Her love for pickles has her waiting though.

The recipe in the book is a simple one.
You basically need a jar, cucumbers, salt water and a few other ingredients. Put them all together and let them sit for a few days until they become pickles.


This experiment will cost you less than $5 and is so simple. After about 3 days the jar definitely started to smell like pickles.



They turned out a little to sweet and not as tangy as we like our pickles. We had to do the experiment a second time as the first time,  the pickles started getting mold.   But with every experiment you should do it a couple times. So we will keep doing it until we get the results right.

You can find Amazing (Mostly Edible) Science on Amazon for $14.99

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received for this post. A product was provided for review.

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One thought on “Amazing (mostly Edible) Science Review

  1. This sounds fun. It looks like she was making a variation of refrigerator pickles, or were they left out? I like books and activities like this. I like that it uses everyday objects and makes kids think. Some of the experiments I am sure will stay with her, and she will know how to problem solve b remembering them.

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