Entenmanns Little Bites have been a big hit in my house.

I have reached that point in the school year where,my kids lunch are now becoming boring and dull. They say its always the same spice it up. A sandwich, fruit, drink and some kind of snack. I was offered to try Entenmanns Little Bites and they were a hit immediately.



Honestly, overtime I got ready to take pictures of the Little Bites for this post. I would find the boxes empty. My kids loved them so much they were sneaking them as a snack throughout the day. They have been a major success in lunches too. There are so many charities to choose from they never get boring.
For the fall season they even have a limited edition Pumpkin Muffin. My two favorites are the Party Cake and the Chocolat Chip Muffin.
They come in individual packages so they are the perfect on the go snack.



You can find Entenmanns Little Bites are retailers nationwide and find out whats new n their website.

Disclosure: No Compensation was received for this post. Product was provided for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Go Back To School With Elmer’s Glue and Expo 9/25

School starts tomorrow for us and as a parent I’m excited for them to get back and learn. I know they are excited to see friends and get into a routine. Depending on schools the supply list can be never ending. Thankfully Elmer’s Glue and Expo have always been trusted brands parents trust.

Some new products that these great brands have just in time for back to school this year are:

Elmer’s is taking craft projects to the next level with Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glue that goes on purple but dries clear so teachers can see exactly where students are gluing. Its Re-Stick Glue Stick allows for the repositioning of items for up to five minutes to make sure projects come out great!

EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator With its clear ink barrel, teachers – and their students – can see exactly how much ink is remaining. Other product features include high visibility and low odor ink. Also available in six bold and bright colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Lime.

I have never been a great crafter or even helping my kids with their school projects I always glue something wrong. These Re-stick glue stick is amazing as you can replace the picture anywhere within 5 minutes and it will still stay.
The Expo markers are great no more guessing if the marker is dried out, out of ink, or just not working.


Want the chance to won some of these amazing products.

One lucky winner will win a assortment of EXPO and Elmers Glue.

To enter: Just tell me your favorite thing about back to school.

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Back To School: HP Envy 5540 Review and HP Instant Ink

Disclosure: A product was provided as well as a gift card to try HP Instant Ink. All opinions are 100% my own.

School is back in session full time now, and one thing I have realized is most homework is based online. Even my 2nd grader is coming home with projects where he needs to do research on the computer and print pictures or assignments out. We just had a older printer and the pictures were not good quality at all, and it was really slow.

Just in the knick of time we received the new HP Envy 5540 to review. My daughter has a big family project due soon, and needs tons of pictures as well as write a summary about them.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.51.54 AM

The Hp Envy 5540 is a wireless all in one sprinter. It prints, scans, copies, and you can print from anything including tablets and phones. I wanted to test it out so I downloaded the HP MyPrintly app and the pictures came out great, looks as if they had been professional.


The Printer aso prints incredibly fast with up to 12 pages per minute for black ink and 8 pages for colored ink.   HP Envy 5540 also offers double side printing and helps you save not only on ink but paper as well.


I love being able to print from anywhere inside my house, and from any device. I also love the the HP Envy 5540 has a automatic deploy output tray, whenever my printer gets a job. I don’t have to worry about pictures or documents printing and falling to the floor.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.02.56 PM


Hp is introducing a new way to save on ink, with HP Instant Ink for newer printers. You just sign up online and for as low as $2.99 a shipment you can have ink delivered to your home.

HP Instant Ink is delivered when your printer lets the home network know you are low on ink. You also get 3 months free.

I signed up for the HP Instant Ink service and within 2 weeks I received my first replacement cartridges. It was a little off to me because according to my printer I still had plenty of ink left. It saves me from having to go to the store though, or worry about if I have twenty dollars to go buy new cartridges in store.



Learn more about HP Instant Ink and the New Hp Printers coming out.

Fiber One Cheesecake Bars are perfect for lunches

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A product was provided for review.

Now that the kids are back in school, I am up every morning packing 3 lunches before anything else. I want to make sure my kids have a good lunch but also something they can enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.23.44 PM

We just tried the new Fiber One Cheesecake bars and my kids loved them. They said the Salted Carmel tasted so delicious.

Fiber One Cheesecake bars are:
150 calories, 6 grams of fat and 5 grams of fiber.
20% daily value of fiber
Salted Caramel and Strawberry flavors
Made with real cream cheese

Fiber One Cheesecake Bars is the perfect guilt free snack for adults and kids. The snack includes yummy layers of graham cracker with cheesecake topped with either salted carmel or strawberry.

My kids just couldn’t get enough of them they made sure to pack one everyday either in their lunchbox or for snack at school.

Fiber One Cheesecake Bars are available at retailers nationwide now for $3.89.

Back to School With Shopkins

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received, products were provided for review.

I can’t believe it’s time to get ready for school. It seems like the kids just got out, but what better way to send them back to school with Shopkins.

Shopkins is the hottest toy and the market right now, and they just unveiled a fun need line for bad to school including backpacks, lunch boxes, pencils, pens, erasers and so much more.

Since my kids are older they were only interested in certain items like the pencils, and erasers. They are so cute and will have everyone having so much fun in the classroom.


How cute are these? My daughters have already packed them away in their backpack for school in a few weeks. They don’t even want to use the erasers as they are afraid to ruin the cute designs.

Will you be heading back to school with Shopkins?

You can find these products at retailers nationwide and Creative Kids.

Pirate’s Booty Snacks And marvel Team Up For Back To School GiveawayClosed

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received for this post. A product was provided for my review.

Pirate's Booty Marvel Multipack

Pirate’s Booty Snacks and Marvel have team up to offer limited-edition Marvel’s Avengers–themed Pirate’s Booty that come in 12 half-ounce Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar packages.

The collaboration also includes a free Marvel’s Avengers digital comic featuring the Pirate’s Booty Pirate. You’ll get to see the Pirate team up with the Avengers in a Marvel-created adventure. Marvel artists designed a custom digital comic featuring Avengers superheroes, including the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man along with the Pirate’s Booty Pirate! Pick up a limited-edition Marvel’s Avengers–themed Pirate’s Booty multipack for more details on the digital comic download.

Pirate's Booty Marvel Comic

My kids love Pirate’s Booty and with school starting in just a few days it is the perfect snack to take with them everyday. They come in small little bags which ae perfect for little hands and no need to worry about messes.


I am giving away a 12 pack case of Marvel’s Avengers Pirate’s Booty to one lucky reader. US Only

To enter: Just tell me your favorite Avengers character?

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Epson iLabel App makes Back To School Easy

Disclosure: No Formal Compensation was received for this post. A product was provided for my review.


I can’t believe the kids are heading back to school in under 2 weeks. We are excited and getting prepared. We have all our supplies bought and separated by child. All we need to do is label the items with their names. My kids like to keep track of their stuff, as things get misplaced and borrowed, having their name on it helps to make sure it is returned.

The Epson LW-600P is the first app-enabled label printer on the market,offering unmatched capabilities in the world of label creation.

Downloading the Epson iLabel App is free and you just turn on your bluetooth and connect the printer to your iPad.

You simply type what you want the label to say and you can ad emoticons or symbols to add effects. Then just peel the back and stick. We used the to label the kids school supplies. My daughter is in 4th and needs tons of stuff including colored binders. The labels were perfect.
It can be a little tricky trying to peel off the back to get to the sticker, but if you have nails or key it helps loosen it.




We also received the Epson Iron On Label Kit. This was a bit different from the LW600P. It is a regular label printer with a small keyboard. you type what you want print and cut. Then iron on clothing and other products.
We used them to iron on the inside of their backpacks, for back to school.




It seemed a little difficult to iron on some things but it all worked out in the end. I have happy kids who are ready to show off their new gear without the worry of it getting lost or stolen.

The labels have made things so much easier in my house with organization and labeling the kids items.

Visit Epson to find what Label Printer site you best.

Rev Wraps are Perfect For Back To School Lunches #HormelFamily

We go back to school in 2 weeks and I am excited to get back into a routine with the kids. My kids prefer packed lunches to school lunches. They say that sometimes they don’t like what is provided or they don’t have enough time to eat. Rev Wraps are the perfect solution to quick lunches


Hormel REV Wraps are real meat and real cheese all wrapped into one delicious wrap. There are tons of varieties to choose from:

  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Peppered Turkey
  • Three Meat Pizza
  • Italian Style
  • Spicy Italian Style
  • Ham and Swiss
  • Turkey and Cheese
  • Ham, Pepperoni, and Mozzarella
  • Turkey, Ham and Cheese
  • Bacon Club
  • Turkey Bacon Ranch
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Jalapeno Pepperoni

My favorite is Pepperoni Pizza, and my kids love it too. They have actually been asking for me to buy more for lunches.   It would be so much easier in the morning as it is already packaged and ready to go.


What REV Wrap do you want to try?

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Hormel Foods as part of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger Program. Throughout the year I’ll be receiving product, coupons, giveaways and promotions. However, no payment was given or expected for posting about the program, and as always, all opinions given here are fully my own.

Pepperidge Farm introduces Goldfish Puffs, Perfect For Snacks

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received, a product was provided for my review.

School is back in session and that means that I have to have a lot of snacks on hand. The kids pack their lunches most days, have snack time at school and usually ask for a snack when they get home.

Their favorite snack is cheese crackers of course, they love Goldfish. We recently were able to try the new Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs.

At first I thought they were going to be like the puffs for babies, just a bigger cracker. These looked like a chip kind of, or as my daughter say a Cheetos chip. They taste exactly like them too. A cheesy puff snack.

They have different flavors of the snacks:
Mega Cheese
Cheddar Bacon
Buffalo Wing



My favorite is the mega cheese, it is just the right amount of cheese and a perfect snack. My kids took a liking to the Cheddar Bacon and My daughter like the Buffalo Wings. These snacks do stick to your fingers so if you send them as a snack to school, make sure you pack some napkins.

What’s your favorite Goldfish snack?

Back To School Photos

Today is the actual First week of school. WEdnesday was the first day of school, but then we got a four day weekend for Rosh hashanah.

These are the pics from the first day


All three


My 3rd grader


My Second Grader


My Kindergartener

When they got home they could’t stop talking about how much they loved school and how happy they were. My kindergartener said his favorite part was the bus ride to school and home. LOL!

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