Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

I hate Cold season, my kids are in school and usually bring something home at least once a month. I seem to be the only person that never gets sick, so I am the caretaker. I usually take as many precautions as I can when one child is sick, to not let germs spread.

My number one rule is no school, I can’t stand when parents send a sick child to school. So when my kids or hubby is sick. They stay home and stay in bed, Rest is the best cure for a cold. I hate the fact that they have to miss a day, but it’s the best thing for them and for everyone else.
2. Staying warm, when it’s cold outside, I always make sure my kids are warm enough. The weather change so quickly here in NY that in the Fall, jackets are needed for morning but not afternoon. When it snows though I always make sure my family wears heavy coats, boots, mittens etc. I would say this is the toughest part, because me kids hate jackets and will put them on and then walk outside and take them off.
3. Medicine: I always kept every medicine you could think of in the house, but when the recall of all children’s cold medicine happened,I cut back. Now all I keep is aspirin or Tylenol on hand for when they are sick. It helps when they are sick and that’s all that matters.
4.Disinfecting: when someone in my house is sick, I always make sure that my house is sanitized. Every door knob, handle and sink get sprayed with Lysol disinfectant, sheets get washed and toys are cleaned in bleach. Just to make sure that the cold/flu does not come back or spread.
5. Flu-shot- I have never had a flu-shot sadly, but when it comes to my children I make sure that they get one every year.

It’s really important to me when my family is sick with the flu that I do everything I can to make sure they are comfortable and stop the spread of germs.

About Lysol: We do more not just because we can, but because we must. Health matters. To all of us. That’s why we’ve started the Lysol Mission for Health. With new mom programs, healthy habits initiatives in schools and disaster relief efforts, we are dedicated to doing more for health. Our mission is fueled by passion and backed by our expertise in killing germs. So when you use Lysol at home, you’ll know you’re a part of something bigger.

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Ultimate Blog Party Post

5 Minutes For Mom is holding their annual Ultimate Blog Party!

Hello My name is Brandy and I am the founder of No Time Mommy.

I chose the name No Time Mommy because I am a SAHM of three kids all under the age of 6(well until Monday, the it will be 7). So my life is pretty crazy! McKenzie will be 6 on Monday, Alexandra is 4 and William is 3.

I live in Long Island NY


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Simplify My Life Sweepstakes with HP and Windows 7

HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje - front open by HP_PC. //  

I fought with my husband for 2 years over the computer, finally just a few months ago my grandmother(85) was so generous to by my a Dell laptop. No more fighting to blog. Yeah right, like that would happen. My husband is a college student and a laptop is now required in some classes.   So i have been giving up my laptop for him. We could buy him his own, but we have 3 kids and no job, so that won’t happen.

I am hoping to win a Hp mini110 by studio Tord Boontje, to help simplify my life. No more fighting with hubby over the computer. Plus I am a mother of three, all under the age of 5 years.  I always put my children over blogging, tweeting, anything having to do with the computer. One of the reasons a laptop came in handy, i can follow my kids around with my computer. the bad side is my computer is big and very heavy. Having a HP mini would make my everyday life so much simpler.

**If hubby gets deployed a 3rd time he can take it with him.

HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje - top lid closed by HP_PC. //  

Isn’t this just a beautiful computer?  This computers features are:

10.1 inch with mercury free led backlit display

packaging was created with 100% recycled material

1 Gb hard drive

plus so much more.

This computer is everything I need and more.

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I’ve never heard of a money tree, so school shopping will wait

Parent bloggers networkhas started blog blasts again, and when i heard this one was back to school, i jumped right on it.  they’ve teamed up with capital one finanacial education .

With the economy being so bad, and not having money to throw around it gets hard to but back to school clothing and accessories. My daughter and husband will both be going back to school on Monday, but with new school supplies and old clothes.  We have a very limited income, so the fancy gadgets and phones don’t even get a look, instead we try and patch holes in clothes and spruce up sneakers for a new year, at least until the budget can fit those items.  I always make sure the school supplies are bought first, those are more important than a pair of new jeans.

  I’m teaching my daughter how to save money with going back to school by packing her own lunch.   we also have tried hitting bargain stores and thrift stores for clothes. you can get some great deals and even find new clothes.  We are learning about sales ads and looking for the best deal, we managed to buy a pair of sneakers at pay-less for $15 and got an extra pair free.

Capital One has a great online learning tool to help you with moneywise etool, which has a section all about talking to kids about money.  capital one financial education launcher is  a great tool and also has sections like building good credit, rebuilding credit, managing money, and saving to build your wealth. It’s a great tool for helping get you on the right track for budgeting back to school shopping. 

Teachers spend $1200 a year out of pocket, so its good to tell your children to remember to bring their own pencils and paper to help save money for the teacher, or even donate supplies instead of giving an apple.

this blog post was written for a contest with and parent bloggers network’s blog blast

potty training my sweethearts

Pull-Ups Training Pants for Girls (2T-3T)

MY mom always told me i was potty trained at 18 months. with my nieces and nephew it was so easy. it seemed like it only took a couple weeks and they were potty trained.

Now that I’m a mother, potty training is the one thing i hate. With my first daughter we started when she was 2, and she would go every now and again. then right before her 3 birthday, she wanted nothing to do with it. 6 months later we finally got her fully potty trained. we put her in panties and thought she would learn if she got wet. that didn’t go well, beacause i was cleaning up poop and pee every hour. so gross. I would take her with me when i had to go, and she’s sit on her potty. finally success! she’s never wet the bed , or had a accident since.


Now with my second daughter who turns 3 in a week. we have had minimal success. if we can tell shes going and we gt her to the potty in time, she will go. usually only #2. she just thinks the bathroom is a playground. she always plays in the sink.  i’m hoping it happens soon. i know she is ready, she will take of her pullup and not tell me. i find out when she pees on the floor. she tries to wear panties, but she just doesn’t get it yet i guess.

I tried taking her with me when i go, but no luck, and whenever i set up the little potty, my oldest will use it instead of the big potty.  Pull ups or Easy ups are very expensive and don’t come in big packs. So it’s getting very very tuff, and frustrating for me.

Parent Bloggers Network has teamed up with huggies to offer 5 lucky readers flip videos to document their potty training stories, or whatever you want.  I wish i could my family is 2500 miles away.

My View my kids

I am up every morning at 6:00 and even earlier sometimes changing diapers and pullups.  I run around getting breakfast and wiping noses, getting hubbys lunch ready and so much more.  When clean up time comes my kids are usually off the wall. Screaming fighting, hitting. Thats the life of having three toddlers.

i have realized my best view is when they are getting along relaxed and quiet, it’s very rare. It does come along though.








This is one of my favorites of the girls getting along walking on the beach together.(eat your heart out kodak)

When my son came along everyone got jealous and there has been twice as much fighting and not getting along. There are still those small periods where everyone gets along.








Getting along at daddy’s award ceremony, although during the ceremony they weren’t.








Youngest and oldest getting along.








This is my best view, my kids being able to sit together and get along. gives mommy a view from the quiet side   of life.

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like looking in the mirror

Growing up I never heard the end of it. You look like your mother, do you know your the spitting image of your mother! and so on and so forth.  I do look like my mother, and it’s not a bad thing. i love to let my genes shine.

Parent Bloggers Network has teamed up with Johnson’s and want to know what your mother handed down to you.











This is my mommy, my children and me.

This isn’t the best picture, but i don’t feel like digging in my closet right now. as i hope you can tell me and my mom have a lot of similar features. well honestly now that she’s older it’s harder to tell.

my mother handed down to me, her facial features, especially her nose. i have my mothers hazel eyes. her light hair, and her attitude. The only thing i didn’t get from my mother is body type.

My mother handed down to me her wedding ring (after her divorce). she’s also handed me some of my late grandmothers jewelry. Trying to keep heirlooms in the family! 








can you see what traits have been passed on to my children through me?

Happy Mothers Day everyone!s

things are maybe to clean

Growing up my house was clean but never sparkling. everyone was just so busy there was never any time. looking back on it now, the way my husband and i keep our house, it could of been so much better.

it’s hard to clean,especially when you have three toddlers running around, but i manage to still try and get a lot done.   I am exhausted after dinner so i have resulted in while i’m cooking to do the dishes immediatly when they are put in the sink. wipe the counters as soon as i’m done cooking. sweep the floor before i start cooking. that way after dinner i don’t have a lot to do.

when we clean especially my hubby(he is obsesive compulsive about cleaning). i feel like we are living in a brand new place.  With three young ones it doesn’t stay clean very long!

my favorite thing is a sos pad or steel scrubber. those things have made so much clean. they can get any stain or burn out.

Hubby and I tackled teh oven/stove yesterday, it was very tough. we live in a apt and the oven was dirty when we moved in. so a lot of those stains were there for years. with the power of the steel scrubbers. we got as much as we could. it looks almost brand new. For the plates under the burners. They were atined very badly, we used goo gone, that stuff works miracles. my hubby used it in Iraq to get all his gear cleaned. It worked the satins that had been there for years, pretty much gone.

my tips that i use are, vacuum everyday(a must when you have babies and toddlers), clean the carpet at least once every two months, bathrooms once a week(garbage everyday).

parent bloggers network wants to know what you tips are for cleaning, and to try new pledge multi surface cleaner. (i love that stuff)

live naturally go naked

haha what a funny title. this post actually has nothing to do with being naked.


parent bloggers network and sc johnson have teamed up to promote natures source cleaner.

we have begun to live more naturally in many ways. my husband is a scientist and very much believes in global warming and that we are running out of energy resources. so we have begun trying to go green.

we are starting to recycle our old clothing and make them into new clothes or rags. We also donate to shelters or good will. we don’t want them to end up in a landfill taking up space and causing clutter. plus if they are perfectly good why are they in the garbage.

we have introduced mr sunshine into our house. we use very little lighting during the day try to open the blinds, instead of wasting energy. we also have been letting fresh air in the house. we have made a vow to not use air conditioning this summer. using fans and the swimming pool as a alternative.

we have also begun to use greener products such as soaps that are phosphate free, and concentrated. we try to use smaller bottles to avoid wasting plastics.   or just use good ol mr. water to clean things.

living naturally has been very efficient, cost effective and most important is helping our planet. i will continue to do the samethings as long as i can.


this post was written for parent bloggers network in conjunction with a contest sponsored by sc johnson

how could something so cute do something so horrible

i’ve always had dogs in my house and even cats.   the only problem is everytime i’d go somewhere i’d be covered in cat hair. thank goodness for rollers, but now they have something even better. pledge fabric sweeper for hair.

i had a a Rottweiler and Rottweiler German Sheppard mix. they tore everything up. we had a brand new fence put up and within 2 months. there were holes in them and tunnels underneath. $2000 down the drain.

we also had a chihuaua who loved my stuffed animals, if you know what i mean.  dolls I’ve had for years are ruined. i have a pillow pal, had it since i was 5 and there is a big hole in it, and both legs are hanging off. plus it’s hair is gone. i keep sewing it up but she keeps getting a hold of it.

my shoes are ruined by my newest edition to the group a Chihuahua dachshund mix. i had a brand new pair of new balance shoes. 130 bucks tore right through them.

we also had a cat, he was so sweet, but shed a lot. i wish they had the sweeper back then. whenever i leave the house i was covered in black cat hair. it was unavoidable to, i was his mommy. he slept with me and and was always in my lap.

this was written for parent bloggers network as part of  a contest with pledge

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