Next Step Nutrition Liquid Health Supplements

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As a mom, I want to make sure that I have enough energy to get through the day for homework, playtime and everything else. My kids can take all the energy out of me, after all I have 3 all a year apart.

To make sure I am healthy and happy, I take a health supplement everyday. Unlike most supplements I prefer to take a liquid supplement. I hate taking certain pills and vitamins, they are to big and I have a bad gag reflux. The liquid doesn’t taste bad and it makes it so much easier in the morning.

Next Step Liquid Health Supplements are so easy to take and come in great flavors. No more gross after taste when taking pills.

Next Step Nutrition is an online retailer that carries liquid vitamins and supplements, namely the entire product line of Liquid Health. We would like the blog posts to talk about liquid vitamins/supplements and how they are better than pills and capsules as liquids are better absorbed by the body. We would like statistics and/or mentions by reputable sources in the blog posts if possible. Feel free to mention specific products seen on

I have tried the Liquid health energy and stress, and it has been helping when I take it!

What do you prefer? A liquid vitamin or a actual vitamin in pill form?

Finding The Scrubs You Need For Every Job

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Growing up I always wanted to be either a nurse or a Mortician. When I became a mom that all changed, except one thing my love of scrubs. I bought a few pairs when I had my mortician dream and loved them so much. They were so comfortable!

I’ve been searching for another pair just for when I am lounging with the kids at home. I can’t believe how much scrubs look like regular clothes and jogging suits now. You can wear them everywhere now.

I was checking out the selection at and I can’t wait to get a pair. They have every color you can think of, and even have scrubs for men and kids.

The next time you need scrubs for work or any occasion check out Blu Sky Scrubs.

Great Resource For Blogging

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I have been blogging for a couple years now and I still have trouble figuring a few things out. I am a writer and very little technical.  I am always looking for tips on how to do certain things like ads and getting more people to visit. It can be a long drawn out process, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

There is a great new resource that gives great blogging tips. You can find information from SEO link building to increasing your web traffic. This really is the place to go if you need tips.  They have so much good advice, like 7 random things you need to be a successful blogger, or mistakes new bloggers make.   I even found things I didn’t know I was doing wrong.

I have found some great information from this site for my blog.   I have always been trying to get my blog up to the next level and this site s really helping.

If you want to take your blog to the next level or to start a blog, check out Adwisey.

Finding the Right Prenatal Vitamin

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When I was pregnant with all 3 of my children, I rarely ever took prenatal vitamins because they made me sick.  So the doctor would prescribe me either gummy vitamins or a liquid vitamin, to help. It still made me a little nauseous but I was able to keep it down.

I did a lot of research about prenatal vitamins and discovered that they do have a great liquid prenatal vitamins.  Prenatal Liquid Vitamins have all the nutrients that regular prenatal vitamins have.

They have:

  • 100% organic certified folate
  • All natural, whole food nutrients
  • better absorption
  • Over 22 vitamins and minerals, including Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc and more….

I loves taking a liquid vitamin, compared to a pill, pills always made me gag and honestly they are really big pills. I would always forget to take the pills as they were in my cupboard, with the Liquid Prenatal in your fridge it’s the first thing you see at breakfast.   First and foremost though you want to make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin for your unborn child.

Did you take a liquid prenatal vitamin when you were pregnant?

Finding Ways To Give Yourself More Confidence

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I am not one for plastic surgery, but I do believe that if a person has a insecurity about themselves or even are being bullied for something, they should consider fixing it.

When I was in High school I was bullied about my teeth, and tried to fix them, even though they are still not perfect.

If you decide to get some work done, you should definitely research and look into it. I found tons of information on different procedures you can have done, and the centers that provide it.

Some of the treatments I have found that i’ve actually heard people talk about changing to better themselves for confidence or any pleasure are very common.

Losing your hair? They have a Hair Transplant Philadelphia center than can help.

I have seen several people with this problem, including myself. Luckily it’s not bad enough to need a treatment yet.

Wrinkles and lines problems?  They have Botox in South Jersey center that can help.  This procedure can make you feel younger and beautiful.

Need help with that weight problem?  Liposuction in South Jersey can help with the problem.   This is actually the one procedure I could see myself getting in the future if I ever gain to much weight.  It’s fast, easy and doesn’t mess with your eating habits.

Have you ever considered getting any cosmetic procedures done?

Finding The Right Translation Service

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My husband is a scientist, earning his PHD in Structual Biology. I have learned that Science is a really challenging field, there are so many scientist all around the world. Papers are published daily, and though most of them are in english. There are a few that come in different languages or need to be translated.

Luckily for them there are students from all over the world. We have friends at Cold Spring Harbor lab from Israel, croatia, India and so many more. The ones that need to be translated can be difficult if you don’t know anyone from that country. Luckily there are international Translation services to help you.

I have also had pieces translated for me that my husband sent me from Iraq when he was in service overseas. Like money, newspapers and books written in arabic.

The Rosetta Translation Agency is a quality company that has been helping companies worldwide translate documents, for legal, financial and science companies. There are 150 languages that can be translated at affordable prices.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve received a document and haven’t been able to read it because of the language barrier?

Passion And Pleasure Adult Shop Launches July 22,

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I have been married for 9 years, and have 3 kids so I know life can get busy and crazy. You sometimes are just to busy for your partner, and it’s hard to find that one on one time.

Passion and Pleasure is not a toy shop, it is a website for you to learn how to put the passion back in your relationship. There are videos by Leading relationship experts from all over the world.

If you sign up for their 8 week course they guarantee to change your sex life in just 2 weeks. They will even give you a week free trial just to see if you like it.

You can find out more information on Passion and Pleasure.

Finding a home in Jensen Beach Florida


We have been talking a lot lately about where to move. My husband will be graduating with his PHD soon and has been scoping out places for a post doc. One of the places we are looking into is Florida.

We have family in Florida and the schools are great. One of places we were looking into is the Falls  at Jensen Beach.  The Falls at Jensen Beach is a gated community that has everything, beaches, fishing, shopping and so much more.  Even better your house is surrounded by lakes and nature preserves.

New Homes For Sale Jensen Beach FL. start at 300,000 and go up, but the houses are gorgeous. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, as Martin County school districts have been rated one of the top schools.

I am in love with the Bimini model, it’s so cute and has all the luxuries you would want . A big bathroom with separate bath shower and toilet area. There is even a gigantic kitchen with all the cabinet space of a restaurant.

These are definitely houses we will be looking into if we decide to move to Florida.

Check out the houses and tell me what you think.


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LifeStory Fathers Day Contest


LifeStory wants to celebrate dads, most important the fathers who are no longer with us.   LifeStory’s goal is to provide a place thats special to preserve the memories of Fathers who have passed on, and to also pass down their Legacies to their children.

From now until June 23, you can create a LifeStory page and enter to win a hard copy book of your story and a 1 year membership to the Modern Widows Club Magazine.


To enter:

  1. Create a LifeStory about a father who has passed on in your life.
  2. Invite your friends to contribute to your page. Share stories memories and photos!
  3. The top 5 LifeStory pages will win.


Winner will be determined by the total number of posts  and comments on a single LifeStory page. The top 5 LifeStory profiles with the highest numbers at the end of the entry period will be awarded prizes as noted above.

Contest begins at 12:01am on 6/9/13 and closes on 6/23/13 at 11:59 pm. All posts must be submitted by contest deadline to be counted. Top LifeStories will be selected 6/24/2013 and will be based on total number of posts and comments on a single LifeStory page.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on June 24 and notified via email. They will have 30 days to claim prizes. Hard back books will be designed and delivered within a 6 month period. Each book will be designed based on LifeStory profile content. Only content posted on will be included in book. Video and link postings will not be included in book.

Only the first year of Modern Widows Club magazine will be paid for by, all subsequent yearly subscriptions are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Estimated Prize Value: $75, preserving memories: Priceless

Bright Now Dental

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Guest post by Kramar J


Bright Now Dental is rapidly becoming the dental practice of choice in Tacoma and surrounding areas of Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Port Orchard, Midland, Arletta, Summit and Warren. Much of that growth is due to the competency and reputation of the outstanding staff of dentists the practice has has in place. These well trained and fully certified dentists and specialty doctors, led by Dr. Thien Nguyen, offer expert care in a variety of dental specialties including:
General dentistry
Oral Surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery

Patients can count on Bright Now Dental for complete family dental care that starts with cleaning and common fillings and extending through extractions, braces, implants, crowns and more, as well as a full compliment of cosmetic procedures. To facilitate your care, the dental office accepts most major dental insurance plans including Met Life, Delta PPO and Aetna PPO. The practice also offers a plan referred to as the ConfiDent Plan which will grant discounts of up to 30% off. The goal is to provide dental care for anyone in need with flexible and affordable payment plans.

To encourage new patients, Bright Now Dental offers a special savings program for new patients. This offer provides cleaning, exams, digital x-rays and therapeutic rinses for only $29. For convenience, Bright Now Dental is open six days a week and offers evening and Saturday appointments.

New patients are urged to fill out the information form found on the website. This is a great way to save precious time for both yourself and the dentist. It allows the dentist get to work sooner on improving your smile.

The office is located at:at 4545 S. Union Avenue, Suite 100, Tacoma, WA 98409. Call 1-888-274-4486 for an appointment. Refer to the website:

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