Hollywood Darlings Premieres Tomorrow

Pop’s newest original comedy series Hollywood darlings star ring 90s fan favorites Jodie Sweetin (Full(er) House), Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven) and Christine Lakin (Step by Step) premieres on April 12, 8pm ET/PT. The comedy series focuses on their unique childhood actor sisterhood that has bonded them as real life friends. They play exaggerated versions of themselves as they navigate motherhood, careers and life in LA.

Hollywood darlings turns the camera on real-life friends who are bonded by a sisterhood that only they can share as former child stars who grew up in the 90’s limelight – Jodie Sweetin (“Full House,” “Fuller House”), Christine Lakin (“Step By Step”) and Beverley Mitchell (“7th Heaven”). In this improvised comedy, the three actresses play exaggerated versions of themselves in their current Hollywood lives. With the support of one another, this girl squad can take on anything when it comes to parenting, marriage, friendship and revived careers in Hollywood.

Hollywood Darlings will feature cameos from Soleil Moon Frye (“Punky Brewster”), Andrew Keegan (“10 Things I Hate About You”), Tamera Mowry (“Sister, Sister”), Lance Bass(NSYNC), Andrea Barber (“Full House”), Nicholle Tom (“The Nanny”), Heather Tom (“Y&R”),Patrick Duffy (“Dallas,” “Step By Step”), Staci Keanan (“Step By Step”) and Wanya Morris(Boyz II Men).

Hollywood darlings

This show is to be exciting and fun as it brings all your favorite 90’s actresses back. I loved Full House, Step By Step and 7th Heaven growing up.

On a recent conference call with the actresses they answered some questions for us about the show.

My summary:

The show is based on your life now, but do you bring anything different to make the show more entertaining.

Jody: Im definitely more dark and cynical in the show then real life
Christine:Im a Hippie Dippy in real life, a free spirit and we exaggerate that on the show a little.
Beverly: I am the Type A ever organized person on the show and I would like to think i am not like that in real life.

I heard this show is unscripted: Not a reality show is this true?

Christine: Yeah, this is what we call an improvised comedy and you know, it’s a little tough to explain because there haven’t been many of them done. Um, you know, this show came about when Jodie, myself and Beverly were all approached by our executive producer Jimmy Foxx uh, who wanted to put together sort of like, a 90’s dream-team of women he grew up with on TV who you know, felt like he maybe had a crush on.

Will you be sharing your children on this show at all?

Beverly: The show is centered around us and we are mothers but no our children do not appear in the show.
Jodie:The content of the show is humorous, inappropriate jokes, cursing and we are mothers but wanted to separate our children from that.

This show is bound to be a show all moms can relate to and hilarious at that. Be sure to tune in tomorrow April 12, 8pm/7C to catch it, and every wednesday for the series on Pop TV.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of the Role Mommy’s Writers Network. All opinions are 100% my own.

Stomp Out Bullying Today October 3, 2016

Today is Stomp Out Bullying Day, a day to come together and stand up to bullying.

Each year on the first Monday of October kids, teens, and adults all across the country all across the country wear blue shirts in a show of solidarity against bullying to make that the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world. This important day gives students a unified voice and empowers those who are so often silent to be able to speak out together.

I do not stand for bullying at all, it’s the one thing I do not condone. As a child I was severely bullied because of a car accident that left me scared and I had to learn to control my left side from a stroke. It continued through being a teenager and even as a adult I still get bullied from people.

It was so bad as a teenager that I thought about suicide and doing horrible things to myself. It was just awful. No child should ever have to suffer at the hands of someones jealousy or hate. It’s the worst feeling in the world.


So today put on a blue shirt and sho your support to Stomp Out Bullying. You can get your official Stomp Out Bullying T-shirt here.

This is a compensated post on behalf of the Role Mommy Writers Network. All opinions are 100% my own.

Learning My family History

Moving back to where I was born (California), has been a challenge for me. I left good friends and I loved the East Coast. Since I have been here though I have been learning so much about my family History and am excited about what I am learning.

My maiden name is Cunningham and we are Scottish of course. I am learning that my family dates all the way back to MacBeth. How cool is that?

Some of the things I knew about my family were already impressive like the Golden Gate park and how my great great great uncle designed and built it, plus he lived there as a keeper until his death. They even have a statue and many memorials to him at the park.

Family History

It’s so crazy, but learning more about John McLaren made me realize just how much we resemble and some similarities in traits.

Another fun thing I have learned they have out here in California is several Scottish Highlands festivals and games. In fact there is one coming up in a month, and I can’t wait to attend.

I even got in contact with the person that runs the Cunningham booth at the games and it turns out she is a distant cousin. So I can’t wait to meet everyone and learn more about my family. Plus all the Clan Cunningham gear I get to see.

family history


Has anyone ever been to a Scottish game or festival? Let me know what you thought about it.

We are in California


As I had mentioned before we decided to move 3000 miles from Connecticut to California for better opportunities. Well as of this weekend we are here. I haven’t lived in California for 23 years and it’s a real system shock.
Everything is different and even my favorite restaurants i’ve missed the food isn’t the same.

I am getting use to everything again from the time change, to the weather, skin changes, etc.

The weather here is gorgeous compared to the east coast, but it’s super hot and I am seriously missing the green grass and trees of the East Coast. Plus I am having trouble remembering that every time I go outside I need sun tan lotion and sun glasses. Yes it is that bright outside.

In combination with the sun block and heat, different environment I now have acne issues again. It is driving me crazy, but I hope it’s just a summer thing and will pass.

There are a few things in California that I have learned to love and that I just don’t get at all.

I love that I am around my family again. Although sometimes it can be a lot of Drama, it’s great knowing I have a support system.

I love being so close to San Fransisco and getting to see the sights and some opportunities it brings. Plus where I live everything is newer and pretty.

Dont get:

There is a serious budget problem for schools here. little to no money and I just found out that our new school district dropped there bus program in 2007. So the money that was going to that would go towards education.
I guess I get that education is more important, but it makes it so inconvenient in so many ways.
It’s a pain for me, since we don’t have second car and my kids are young I don’t trust them walking on their own.
The bay area already has a traffic problem and big pollution problem. So instead of having say a couple hundred busses for kids in the district, they would rather have thousands of parents driving their kids to school.

Everything is so spread out. From where I live there is nothing in a reasonable walking distance. All fast food and stores are at least 5 or more miles. We have a Safeway closer but that stores is a bit pricey.

Overall I haven’t made my final decision on my true thoughts on California. It’s a bit to soon, I think. It’s got it’s pros and cons and only time will tell how it will work out.

Have you lived or been to California? What do you think?

New Changes Are Coming

So I have been posting a little less lately, thats because I have taken on a job outside of home, but also because some new changes are coming to No Time Mommy.

First, I know we just up and moved everything to Connecticut from NY. It was hard leaving all the great opportunities at NYC offered as a blogger. After a year some personal stuff has happened and we have decided that Connecticut just isn’t for us. So my family along with No Time Mommy of course will be setting up shop in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
My husband has been offered a great job there in the science industry and I can’t wait to see what great opportunities it will open to me personally and perfessionally.
Another great thing is I will finally be close to home, I am originally from California and haven’t been back in almost 10 years.

Name Change: I have been going back and forth about this. When I originally started my website it was No Time Mom on free wordpress, unfortunately someone snagged the domain shortly after before I could get it. So I decided to go with Notimemommy. My kids were younger and it just sounded right. Now that my kids are older and almost tweens, I am considering going back to No Time Mom. Although the social media handles for it are all taken.

What do you think, should I change the name back? What do you think of California?

Science Fair Night

So last night was the science fair and because of course my husband is a scientist the kids wanted to do the science fair. My husband is very adamant about not helping them though, letting them do it all on their own. I agree but they do need a little help. So it was all up to me.

The science fair was for my two youngest in elementary school so they chose something they would like to do. Nothing to challenging. My son of course chose a football project and my daughter did a project about battery brands.

We have done the science fair in previous years at a different school. It was the project set up and they chose winners before the science fair and when you went to look you would see who the winners were etc.

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I am Not You or Them

As a mom I have come along a lot of struggles in my life. I have many questions I have had answered and just life in general has been hard. As a child I had a horrific accident that would forever change my life and perspective. I keep having to tell myself overtime I get jealous of someone else life or success. I am not you or them, I am myself I have my own life and it can’t be compared to others.

Raising kids can be hard specially on a budget or without any help. Overtime I did seek help or made a excuse for something I was always met with ” So so can do this while raising a child, So so went to college. The only thing I want to do is scream in their face I am not you or them, I am me.
Just because a single mother who lives down the street can find a job no problem, doesn’t mean I will. We are different people, different skills. I am a bit shy, she is not.

Now that my kids are older and I am actively looking looking for a job as well as a career goal, I am once again met with this fate. Well your neighbor has found a job and the girl down the street has a career. Just because someone else has something doesn’t mean it’s just that easy for the next person.

Every person is different. Different skills, body language, and personalities.

*** I wrote this as a reminder to people that not everyone has the same opportunities and instead of comparing them to others you should just encourage them to keep trying.

Eye vision Exams are Important For Young Kids

Eye vision Exams are important for young kids, because while they say they can see they may not be able to really see. I hope that makes sense. This is a post I wanted to write as it’s near and dear to my heart.

Today is the one year anniversary of my son getting glasses. While that may not seem like a important milestone to some it is to me. My son didn’t get glasses until he was seven and I never noticed any vision problems with him at all.
When it came time to start reading in school, he did pretty well but read slow.
It wasn’t until the teacher moved him to the back of the classroom he started complaining. Then came the dreaded phone call from the school nurse that he had failed a eye exam.
Now keep in mind he had never said a word about not being able to see and could do his homework and read without problems.

I made a eye appt for him at our local Target. After the appt. the examiner told me just how bad his eye vision was and I immediately felt like a horrible mother. He is near sighted in one eye, Far in the other, along with so many other things.


I went home and just cried. How could I not of known my son had such bad vision.

We had to go back and get his prescription eye glasses changed twice as the prescription was so strong they wanted to ease him into it.

I will never forget the first words out of my sons mouth walking out of the store. “I feel so small in this big world.” His vision was that bad.

But he is doing amazing now top of his class and reading chapter books in second grade.

So please get your children eye exams if you notice anything wrong.

Anyone Can Play Tuba

Anyone Can Play Tuba! I use to think that the people that played Tuba were the tall and strong people with loyd voices and had enough air in their lungs to really blow the instrument.

The Tuba in itself is a giant instruments and really heavy specially if you are marching around.

All of my thoughts and speculations about Tuba players have now changed and I believe anyone big or small can play Tuba.

It all started when my daughter started 4th grade, she had to choose and instrument and put Tuba as her 3rd choice. Well, no one else put Tuba on their sheets at all so she received the Tuba to play.

It was so big compared to her, she is a very small short child. She was a little discouraged at first because she couldn’t handle it right and the position of the tuba made it a bit awkward.

After her first summer camp she decided she loved the Tuba and became very good actually. Now a year and a half later she is still going at it. In fact her new school didn’t even offer Tuba but after she showed she could play they let her join in and still play.


You can’t even see her face around the Tuba when she plays. It’s that big. LOL!

Just listen to her play.

Don’t discourage your kids from playing anything they want. It was easy for my daughter to learn to play Tuba using this book.

2016 Is Just Not Going To Be My Year

I have to admit I was so excited about 2016, a new year means a new start on life. Well, that was until one thing started happening after another. It’s only the 26th, if this much has happened so far in my life I am not looking forward to the rest of the year.

2016 photo: 2016 toiletroll.gif

In just 26 says there has been a death in the family, a serious hospitalization, major expensive car work, and bills going up of course.

I shouldn’t complain I have a roof and food and a loving family and thats all that really matters.

I was just hoping that things would finally kick off this year, but it’s taken a unexpected turn.
I had goals and really wanted to get in shape, but I’ll admit I am a eater when I get stressed or upset so that is not going the way I had planned.

Job hunting is another aspect I am having trouble with as I thought the economy was getting better, but I saw on the news that even people with huge resumes and great degrees are having trouble findings jobs in 2016.

I am actually looking forward to the middle of the year, because it seems that things seem to pick up then. At least I hope.

How is 2016 turning out for everyone else? Is everything going the way you wanted?

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