Our First Snowfall In Connecticut

We have only lived in Connecticut for a few months, but I am never prepared for winter. I am a West Coast girl at heart and even though I have lived on the East coast for nearly 10 years. I hate the cold and snowfall.

My kids and husband love it though. I do get out and shovel and play with the kids, but you will see my slip and fall everywhere from terror. LOL!

We finally had our first snowfall in Connecticut and it wasn’t as bad as some of the snowstorms we have had in New York, I wasn’t ready.

The kids loved it though.



They made snow angels and threw snowballs, well until one got upset about being wet. Then the fun was over.

It always seems like thats how it happens though, everyone is having a blast and then boom one is crying or fighting. Fun is over!

The sun did shine in the afternoon melting most of the snow on the street and driveways, but what is left will turn to ice tonight as temps drop again.

I heard this weekend we will get between 5-8 inches, I am hoping thats wrong but since we are so close to the water it’s probably right.

Do you like the snow? Are you prepared for winter?

Motherly Gorilla Throw Back Thursday

This is my first Throw Back Thursday post, but as I was going through old posts on my site I saw something that just pulled at me. In 2008 as we were living in North Carolina I took all 3 of my young children to the zoo, as we came to the Gorilla habitat a older female gorilla approached us. She had Motherly Gorilla instincts.

The reason I saw that is because when she saw my stroller containing my three month old son, she started making a sign for baby with her arms. I was a bit nervous because hey it’s a gorilla. I showed the gorilla who was named Grandma Hope my young son and she made a nest out of the straw in her habitat. It just broke my heart that she wanted a baby.

We stayed at the habitat fora while in amazement, Grandma Hope was beautiful and interacting with my children. A zookeeper came by and told us her story. She had Children of her own, but they either had passed or they were transferred to other Zoos. She definitely had the mother/grandmother instinct though and it was amazing to see.

I didn’t get any pictures of her holding her arms out, but she was kind enough to pose with my oldest daughter.


We learned a few years later that Grandma Hope had passed. This is truly one of my favorite memories.

9 Things For The New Year

It’s 2016 and with new year brings cluttering out the old and preparing for the new. Here are 10 things for the new year that most people forget. Most of these are just basic reminders.

1. If there is anything that has been driving you crazy for months get it done now. A loose door knob, a broken chair leg. Fix them now or change them whatever it may be. It will help save your sanity in the new year.

2. Change smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarm batteries. Usually people do this with daylight savings time, but if you haven’t now is the time to do it.

3. Clean out expired items. I ignore things in my cupboards unless I use them. Now that it’s 2016 start cleaning out cupboards, makeup bags and more. Some things you should throw out include.

  • expired medication (better to recycle these at a local pharmacy)
    expired food, yes check those cans sitting in cupboards too.
    expired makeup

    4. Organize: My kids got a lot of new stuff for Christmas so now we are organizing and rearranging to make it look less cluttered.

    5. Take your car in for a oil change or maintenance.

    6. Get your carpets cleaned. I can’t tell you how much traffic my carpets see. We clean them at least every few months, but start the year off with cleaning them.

    7. Start to plan out appts and your schedule. I have always been a last minute person and lately it hasn’t been working out as doctors get booked out for months.

    8. Just say NO, 2016 is the year you can finally just say no to everything that has been holding you back. Don’t be afraid

    9. Finally just take a break and tell your family you love them and think about everything you are looking forward to doing with them in the new year.

  • My First Hockey Game

    We went to my first hockey game ever. Well it the kids and I first hockey game, my husband has been to plenty. It was for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers here in Connecticut.

    The reason we decided to go was my daughter and school singing club were singing the national anthem. They did a great job and the game was very interesting.

    The stadium was fairly empty and so my husband said lets sit a little closer. I did and was covering my eyes constantly. How can people watch other people get slammed into the wall like that. It didn’t bother me seeing it on TV, or even from a far distance. When I moved up close it just made me cringe, but I guess most hockey players are use to it. Here are some pics from the game.

    Don’t forget to check out the school singing at the top of the page.




    It was definitely fun and something I hope to do again.

    Have you ever been to a hockey game?

    The Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon 2015

    We stayed up late waiting for the Eclipse and Blood Moon last night. It was amazing as it started. I wanted to take pics of everything I could when the Eclipse started, unfortunately my camera started acting up.
    I did get some good pics though.


    Before the Eclipse the moon was beautiful, not as big as I though but I live in a city so thats to be expected.


    The Eclipse starting


    Getting into it, my kids said it looked like someone was coloring on the moon with a black marker.


    Almost full


    Full Eclipse and you can barely even see any part of the moon.


    This was the only pic I could get of the moon red. My kids found it fascinating, but also kind of scary.

    Did you watch the Eclipse last night. Learn more about this rare occurrence here.

    We’ve Moved To Connecticut

    We are finally starting to settle into our new home in Connecticut. I miss New York Terribly, but am still close enough to just hop on the train and see NYC. We have been here near New Haven Connecticut for almost a month and finally seeing the beauties our new home has to offer.

    It’s very quiet and beautiful, without all the congestion and traffic NY had.

    We have only seen one small beach here, but it was great not Long Island beaches but scenic.



    A park with new swings and fun play stuff we have never seen before.



    Beautiful victorian and Gothic style houses that remind me of castles.


    I am starting to really like it here. Have you ever been to Connecticut before?

    First Day Of School

    We just moved to a new state and school has just started for the kids, a week earlier than their old school.

    They were a little nervous but happy.


    My 5th grader was a tad bit shy since she was with older kids, so no single pictures of her.

    My 2nd and 4th graders were super excited.


    Are you ready for back to school? I thought I couldn’t wait all the fighting this summer. Now I kind of miss them.

    Haircut Craziness

    So I haven’t cut my hair in 3 years or so. I hate hair in my face and I ca’t stand it touching my shoulders. Yes I am weird! LOL! It has been in a bun for so long, the only time it was down was when I was sleeping.

    This is the longest my hair has ever been in my life.

    Photo on 7-24-15 at 9.41 AM

    It had so much damage and breakage, but I never had the time or money to get it cut.

    I finally told myself I had to do it for myself. I was getting heavy and I was literally in tears brushing it at times.

    So Tada! It’s going to take a while to get us to it.

    Photo on 8-10-15 at 5.42 PM

    This from Supercuts and no expensive salons, they did great work.

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