Set the Mood For Date Night With Pro-Flowers

I rarely ever have date night, our lives are so busy and with three kids it makes it all more difficult. When we do have a “date night” it includes a movie at home and popcorn and dinner with the kids first. Every once in a while a special occasion will arise like my Birthday in a few days, and I want everything to be special. To set the Mood Pro-Flowers sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses as well as some Sherri’s Berrys and Cheesecake.

It’s been setting the mood for the ultimate Birthday date night.




The strawberries and cheesecake were so good, and the perfect dessert for date night. Even though my kids got most of them! Every mom knows the feeling. The double bouquet of red roses added so much color to the room and made our meal feel special.

It was the perfect night.

How do you set the mood for date night.

Check out all the beautiful roses at Pro-flowers to set the mood for any occasion.

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2016 Is Just Not Going To Be My Year

I have to admit I was so excited about 2016, a new year means a new start on life. Well, that was until one thing started happening after another. It’s only the 26th, if this much has happened so far in my life I am not looking forward to the rest of the year.

2016 photo: 2016 toiletroll.gif

In just 26 says there has been a death in the family, a serious hospitalization, major expensive car work, and bills going up of course.

I shouldn’t complain I have a roof and food and a loving family and thats all that really matters.

I was just hoping that things would finally kick off this year, but it’s taken a unexpected turn.
I had goals and really wanted to get in shape, but I’ll admit I am a eater when I get stressed or upset so that is not going the way I had planned.

Job hunting is another aspect I am having trouble with as I thought the economy was getting better, but I saw on the news that even people with huge resumes and great degrees are having trouble findings jobs in 2016.

I am actually looking forward to the middle of the year, because it seems that things seem to pick up then. At least I hope.

How is 2016 turning out for everyone else? Is everything going the way you wanted?

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