Super Wubble Ball Brite Review

Wubble is introducing a new fun ball to their line up. The Super Wubble Ball Brite. It’s a Wubble ball but it lights up different colors.

When we first got it my kids were so excited they loved all the Wubble Balls we have received in the past. With this ball they were more excited because they could play with it at night and not have to worry about seeing where the ball went and finding it. They had a blast playing with the Super Wubble Ball Brite.

Unfortunately some downsides we noticed. The ball only lights up for 20 seconds before you have to hit the button again. The button to light up the ball is rather hard to get to without risking putting a hole in the Wubble ball. For us we got about 45 minutes of play before our first hole arrived. We patched it and had a little more playtime before the ball deflated. The texture of the ball seemed a little different then the original Wubble Ball.When the ball was inflated it seemed just a bit heavier, but I’m sue that that is from the lighting mechanism.



Overall its a good ball if your very careful and don’t want to worry about the ball lighting up. Its just you have to pinch the ball to get to the lighting mechanism, that is what was the major cause of the hole in our ball. Lighting it up to much. The good thing about Wubble balls is they are easy to patch small holes.

You can buy the Super Wubble Ball Brite at retailers Nationwide or on their website.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of Wubble Ball, a product was also provided. All opinions are 100% my own.

PlayTown App Brings Imaginations to life #PlayTown

My kids love telling and writing stories, they do it everyday. They are so creative and talented!
Most of their stories are on video as they seem to tell a story then forget it as they are writing, so we just record their stories.

I was introduced to a ne app called PlayTown, this app helps bring your stories to life.

Create, personalize, narrate and share your own stories in Play Town.
It’s simple! Choose your cast of lovable characters, stages, props, accessories, music and even your own photos and drawings as you create your own story!

Some of the features are……

Themed character play sets
Multiple background stage set options
Touch, drag and adjust size of characters in the scene
Change character expressions
Add accessories
Narrate and record your story
Add a musical background effect
Title your story and add your name as Director
Play back and enjoy your story!
Don’t forget to watch the credits and then share the story with friends.

Plus the best thing about this app is personalization. You can add your photo, add a drawing, or change your shoes and clothes. There is so much you can personalize.

You can download the app for

PlayTown on iTunes:

PlayTown on Google Play:

At first we had a little trouble with the app, it would just go black and not load. After we uninstalled it and then re-installed it, it worked fine. My kids had fun making a story with this app. You can do a lot of fun things, even upgrade for $1.99 to a princess theme.



Download this App today for a fun story, it’s free.

Will you be trying this App?

Disclosure: I will be receiving a gift card for this review from Childs Play Communications. All opinions are 100% my own.

Tail Town Friends Figurines

One of my newest favorite games, is Tail Town Friends. It’s a game on Facebook, where you build a farm/orchard and help out your friends and community.   The more friends and business you help the more reputation you earn and move up levels.

Another way to move up in the game is by buying Tail Town Friends Figurines. There are 12 total n the first series and every figurine gives you a task to complete.

I received the nurse figurine and put the code in, I automatically received a task to help make medicine.   After all the tasks were complete, I received the Florence’s Spirit Spring. When harvested it will give you energy.  I play this game almost everyday, it’s my way to just relax after a stressful day.

Join and play Tail Town Friends Now, it’s so much fun.

Disclosure: I received a figurine for my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


Produce For Kids and Stop and Shop team up GiveawayClosed


Stop & Shop and Produce for Kids are teaming up to host the second annual Healthy Schools, Healthy Minds campaign. Now through October 20, when you visit a local Stop and Shop store and add fresh fruit and vegetables to your cart, you will be supporting local schools. 

when you visit a Stop and Shop store be on the lookout for Produce For Kids display units featuring characters from Lazy Town and Noodle and Doodle. The displays will be in the produce section and the more you buy, the more your local schools will benefit.

When you go to pick up your produce from a Local Stop and Shop, you will also be able to get meal cards, to help make a healthy kid friendly recipe.  For more meal ideas, please visit here.

*** There will be a Produce for kids and Crunch Pak Twitter party tonight October 18, 2012 at 9PM EST. Please use hashtag #anappleaday. RSVP here!

One of my readers will win a $25 Stop and Shop gift card, as well as Produce For Kids and Sprout goodies.

To enter: Tell me your favorite fresh fruit or veggie?

Extra entries:

Subscribe to my feed-8 entries

Blog about this-7 entries

Grab my button-6 entries

Follow me on twitter-5 entries

Follow Produce For Kids on Twitter-5 entries

Like No Time Mommy on Facebook-4 entries

Like Produce For Kids on Facebook-4 entries

Leave a comment on any non-giveaway post-4 entries unlimited

Enter any of my other giveaways-3 entries

Tweet this giveaway-2 entries (can be done daily)

post this giveaway on Facebook-1 entry (can be done daily)

Contest ends November 15, 2012

Disclosure: I received a gift card and products in exchange for sharing this post. Giveaway is being handled by the company.

Get Your Kids Outside With Backyard Safari

We have been big fans of Backyard Safari, since we were introduced to them a few years ago. We have so many products to help us enjoy the outdoors like the walking stick, tent, bug zapper, and more.

We were jus introduced to two more products that will make outside play even more fun.

Field Canteen:

This is so convenient, my kids always want to take a water bottle outside when they play. The Canteen lets them have water outside and I don’t have to worry about them losing the lid to the bottle. The canteen comes with a no lose cap bank and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Animal Caller:

You can call five different animals with the animal caller. The animal calls are a grizzly bear, cougar, gray wolf, American Eagle and loon. This toy has been a blast. My kids run around the backyard with the animal sounds going and pretend they are hunting or on an animal safari. Whenever they hear the bear they run and hide.

You can find both of these products on Amazon and retailers nationwide. To see all the Backyard Safari Toys visit their website.

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received for this post. products were received for my review

Reading Rainbow Has A App.

Reading Rainbow has a new app. available for the iPad. It is geared for children ages 3-9 an gets them reading for the summer.


I loved Reading Rainbow when I was a kid , it was one of my favor shows. Levar Burton always had my brothers and I reading and following along.  Now that the show is gone,  want my children to have that same great experience. Luckily Reading Rainbow just came out with a new app.The app features a library of books to fit your child’s interests, video field trips to meet people and places.   The best part is it’s all hosted by LeVar Burton.

You can select a single book and view introductory videos for free, but for unlimited access it will cost $9.99 a month or $29.99 for a six month subscription.

My daughter loved reading along with the books she chose, The Rainbow Mystery.  It was an exciting and creative book.   Her favorite is the stickers you earn and can place in the story.


Disclosure: no compensation was received for this post, I was entered into a contest with Team Mom for posting.

Friends With Kids #Friendswithkids

Friends With Kids is a daring and poignant ensemble comedy
about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children
arrive and everything changes. The last two singles in the group observe
the effect that kids have had on their friends’ relationships and wonder if
there’s a better way. They decide to have a kid together – and date other

Friends With Kids will hit theaters March 9, 2012

Disclosure: This is a compensated post on behalf of Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions through Team Mom

Mega Bloks Police Fire Patrol rescue Set

All missions are possible when you team up with the two Rescue vehicles of the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue! Build the Fire Rescue Pumper Truck and roar through the streets of Bloktropolis with sirens blaring, carrying hundreds of gallons of water to help put out a fire. Have your Blok Squad Firefighters hook up their hoses and put out fires in even the most remote areas of Bloktropolis! Construct the Fire Patrol ATV and have your Blok Squad Firefighter ride through the toughest terrains to reach any country or city fire!

***** When we first received this set, my son would not stop begging for it to get put together. He wants to be a Fireman when he grows up, so as you can imagine this has become one of his new favorite toys.  The set is really cute, you have a fire truck that opens up to store little axes. And you can also build a small ATV, both have places for the Firemen to sit.  My only complaint is that it fell apart easily, which was to expected since they are blocks. So I have rebuilt it about 35 times in the past month. LOL!

Retail: $9.99


Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A product was received from Mega Bloks through Team Mom. All opinions are my own.


Back To School:dENiZEN from Levi’s Jeans

dENiZEN is a new brand of Jeans by trusted and loved company Levis. These jeans are exclusively available at Target Stores and online at Target.   With a wide variety of styles for men, women, and kids, dENiZEN jeans are the perfect fit for fashion and value-concious consumers.

****I received a pair of dENiZEN Jeans for my daughter to try for back to school. I really liked them! My daughter usually can’t wear jeans,because she seems to be a halfway size, either they are to big or to small.  She tried on the dENiZEN and they fit perfectly, they were just a little to long which is fine. According to my daughter they are very pretty and comfy. I wish I would have chose these for myself.

She can move around in them very easily and they are not to tight on her body, which is great for wearing at school or on the playground.

Right now if you like dENiZEN on Facebook you can win a rebate ($3), a free pair of Jeans, or a gift card.  I think most people have won a rebate.

You can find dENiZEN jeans at Target ranging from $17.99-$29.99

Disclosure: No compensation was received, a product was received from dENiZEN through Team Mom.

Get Outdoors and Explore with Backyard Safari

The Expedition Three kit features the Backyard Safari Base Camp Field Shelter.  It features storage spaces for all your Essential Field Gears. Over 40 inches tall, it’s large enough for several backyard safari kids to set up their own instant base camp in the field, all year round.
We were able to have some fun outdoor (pretend)  camping and hiking fun. We received a base tent with lantern, a camoflauge net, walking stick and magnifying glass. My kids were so excited to get these. They immediately got a pad of paper out and started their field journals. They used the magnifying glass to spot small insects, and would hide in the tent to wait for squirels. The walking stick is great for hiking around but it’s a little big for them to use. They actually try to use it more for a hitting stick than walking stick.  Everything is very durable, and the tent is also waterproof, it seems to rain whenever I set it up.
Visit to find your fun gear.
Base Tent is available through Amazon for $39.99
Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post, products were received from Backyard Safari through Team Mom.
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