Dora’s garden Gazebo Playset Review and GiveawayClosed

Playing outside with Dora has never been so much fun, build a garden with Dora. With this buildable playset girls will love dressing up Dora with interchangeable skirts, while she waters her garden.


  • Comes with Gazebo, patio table, blooming sunflower, patio umbrella, planting pot with watering can, blue bird and pine tree.
  • Also comes with a buildable Dora and two interchangeable skirts.
  • Encourages imaginative play and develops motor skills

My girls loved this playset. We are Trying to make our own garden, but we have to get the dirt and soil settled before we can plant anything.  Playing with this playset has made my daughters even more excited about starting a garden.  The set does come apart very easily when moved, that was a little discouraging when they played. we had to fix it all the time.

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Buy It:

You can get the Dora Mega Bloks Playset from Kmart for $14.99


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Mega Bloks Domino Build Game Review

Product Description:  Mega Bloks Domino Build Game utilizes simple domino and building game play to introduce multiple skill sets such as colors, numbers, matching, motor skills, etc. Players collect animal blocks after correctly matching domino tiles. Be the first player to collect all 4 animal part blocks and assemble your animal to win.

**** This game was fun for my little ones, but it seemed a little to easy. My 5 yr old zipped through it and won every game.   The object is to line up the animal cards, kind of like dominoes. Everytime you get one right you get a piece of your Mega Blok animal. First one to build the animal wins, but there are only 4 pieces.  My kids still had fun playing even though every game ended with one of my kids being upset they didn’t win.

Retail:$10.99 at

My rating:8

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post, a Product was provided by Mega bloks through Team Mom

Healthier Snack For Kids With Raisels GiveawayClosed

Raisels are the latest snack sensation. 100% real fruit that tastes like candy. They come in 4 different flavors sour apple, sour orange, sour lemon and sour peach. They can be found in you grocer’s dried fruit section.

Raisels are rich in antioxidant, fat-free, cholesterol free, and contain no sodium or high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.  They have 100% daily allowance for vitamin C.

***I was able to try them out with my kids and they are okay. Not the best tasting thing, but its a healthier alternative to candy or sugary snacks. My kids were undecided on whether they liked them or not. They seem to favor orange and lemon over apple.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command Car

Description: Capture the look and feel of real. high performance cars and trucks, Road Rippers feature multiple play functions and authentic design details to help keep playtime rolling all day long. Strong enough to handle rough and tumble play, Road Rippers R/C collection is great for young racers everywhere.

*****My son loves cars I have said this a million times, but he even more enjoys them when he doesn’t have to move them himself.  My son was beyond excited to try this out.  I wish my camera was working right.  This car is just like the real deal. It’s lights work and even sounds like a sports car.  The remote control looks like a walkie-talkie and id very simple to use. The only downside is it doesn’t do very well in the grass. My kids really loved this.

Retail: $35.99 but I found for $29.99 at Target, and Toys R Us

My rating:

Disclosure: No compensation was received a product was provided by through Team Mom.

Olivia Toys From Spinmaster

From the best-selling book and hit Nick Jr. television show, Olivia inspires kids everywhere to think boldly and follow their dreams. Spinmaster has taken Olivia’s Imagination and personality and transformed them into fun and creative toys for ages 4 and up.

Oliva’ s house includes her bedroom, kitchen, and living room. my kids had fun playing with this, they even try to copy what was happening on the show at the time. They were watching and playing and playing at the same time. The house also includes a Olivia toy, 23 accessories, and sticker sheet.  Plus the house turns into a pirate ship for Olivia’s wild imagination which makes playing even more fun.

The Olivia plush doll is all dressed up and ready to perform. With this super soft plush everyone’s a star, plus the best fashions.  Collect all four dressed with Olivia’s favorite outfits including Artist, Opera Singer, Cow, Outfits.

This is so cute and small my son actually took this as his own and is attached. It’s cuddly and very fun to play with according to him. 

You can find these toys at Target, Toys R US, and Kmart or visit for more information.

The 2-1 house is $29.99 and the plush is $9.99

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post, products were provided by Spinmaster through Team Mom.

Shox Scooter For Those Awesome Tricks

Shred Sled , The comapny specializing in extreme sports products for children introduces the Shox Scooter, The first everactive shock absorber scooter that allows riders to perform higher, faster, more awesome tricks! The Shox scooter’s supreme shocks increase a riders speed and airtime, making stunts bigger and better.


  • Spring deck that absorbs impact when landing jumps and stunts, also springs back to increase riders power.
  • Deck has a rough grip for foot control, and back brake helps with control and safety.
  • handles adjust to fit children of all sizes
  • Folds in half for easy traveling and is also lightweight.

**** This scooter was a lot more than i expected. Now my kids are still a little young to be doing tricks, but they love the scooter. My daughter says its so much easier than riding a bike, and the her leg is getting to much exercise. It also so much easier to bring to the park, we don’t have a driveway and live on a ver busy road. So the park is the place to ride bikes, but we can’t fit three bikes in a car. This folds up for easy traveling, and can even adjust to fit all of my children.

Retail:$59.99 at

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, a product was received through Team Mom for my review.

Moon Dough Your Way To Building

Moon Dough never dries out so you can use it again and again! Makes amazing & detailed 3D creations that kids will love to create and play with! Magic Molding. Unlike traditional dough, it does not stick or stain to material. Comes in 8 colors.

*****  This is nothing like play doh, the dough actually feels like powdered sugar. It stays for about 5 seconds and then falls apart, and it is extremely messy. I wasn’t to happy about the big mess afterwards. Its hard to use it again, because it breaks up into little pieces.  When the dough is put into the little barn it does make chickens and goats, which was fun for the kids. They never really turned out right though. My kids liked this product, but I am not to fond of it.


My Rating: 4

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, a product was received through Team Mom.

Amusement Fun with Pop On Pals

Pop On Pals is a whole new world of popabilities from Spin Master. With endless mix and match fun, your little ones can be anything they want to be. Pop On Pals encourage imaginative play and help develop fine motor skills.


  • ages 2-4
  • playsets include vehicles, pets,  and more.
  • available at Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, Sears and more

****The minute I received this all 3 of my children fought over this. Finally they agreed to place nicely together, but they had a lot of fun playing with this. My only complaint is that the playset only comes with one pal, which isn’t enough for three kids.   My kids are really excited about roller coasters now though and can’t wait until they are old enough to go to the Amusement park.   This is a great toy for little ones.


  • Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post, a product was received through Team Mom.

Momma Mealtime Products make eating More Fun

Mealtime will be so much fun with the new stylish mOmma line of feeding products for infanta and toddlers. mOmma’s ergonomic design features a distinctive roly-poly shape that allows the products to rock back and forth when uncovered, keeping kids entertained and eliminating spills at the same time.

mOmma products are:

  • are designed for infants and toddlers, and their little hands
  • non spill
  • utensils come with a protective case for travel
  • cups stay upright to prevent spilling and keeping the area that touches your childs mouth away from germs.
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Dishwasher safe

****These are so cute and fun. My son is a little old for the sippy cups but he still enjoyed them, and I didn’t have to worry about any mess. the plate really keeps the food warm and is surprising big, most toddler plates are tiny.  These are really great products, but I would say that they are more for infants then tots.


My rating: 5

  • Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, products were provided through Team Mom

Backyard Safari Outfitters Line Review

Just in time for summer we received some fun outdoor gear from Team Mom. We received a Safari Field Cargo Vest, Bug Vaccuum, and periscope.

It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up. Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides. The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear.

*** This vest is so cute and fun. It has a lot of little pockets for your little explorer to go bug hunting. My daughter loves this vest and wants to be just life Dora and Diego with her vest.

There are THOUSANDS of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard – catch them LIVE with your Bug Vac! Look at bugs UP-CLOSE with built-in magnifying Glass! CAPTURE CORE attaches to the Bug Habitat  for easy transfer of your insects.

****I really liked this myself, easier for me to suck up the spiders that sneak in my house rather than have to kill them with a napkin. I actually caught a Praying Mantis in the bug vaccuum, that was exciting for my kids as they have never seen one.

Land and water mega view periscope

This full-view periscope allows stealth viewing over boulders, high bushes, backyard fences, and around corners. Three rugged, light-weight sections telescope for a reach over 4 feet high to let you see all those out-of-reach views.

*** my kids really enjoyed these toys. The periscope is so much fun for scoping out bugs, you can even flip it over and put it in water to look for sea creatures.

Retail:$64.97 for all three toys at

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. Products were provided through Team Mom.

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