Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) Book and App.

My kids are all taking Spanish in school, it’s actually a class that is required and offered, not a elective at all. I think it’s great growing up in AZ and not knowing any spanish was really hard as a child. Even my son who is only in second grade is starting to learn and the new Little Chickies book and app is helping him along the way. It seems like it may actually be for younger kids, but it is still helping my son and even helping me learn a little Spanish.


Little Chickies/Los Pollitos is based on the Los Pollitos Dicen/Little Chickies Squeal nursery rhyme/song and is an homage to the demanding nature of babies and unconditional love, care and warmth given by their moms.

The Author/illustrator Susie Jamillo explains: “As a Latina mom exposed to songs and traditions from both the US and my native Venezuela (I traveled back and forth between the two countries throughout my childhood), I’ve had a hard time finding books and apps of the nursery rhymes I grew up with and, in talking to people in both Latino and non-Latino communities, I realized this was missing from bookshelves and digital platforms. In addition to promoting bilingual/multilingual learning, I hope the books, apps and videos also promote a sense of community and connect kids, especially Latino kids, to their culture.


This app is just too cute, and the book even has been helpful one side is all Spanish and the other all English. I didn’t even tell my kids at first and quizzed them to see what they knew. I was cheating by looking at the english version, but they got most of it.

The book is very bright and would keep the focus of a small child, it is also a lift the flap book, which has been very entertaining for the kids.

You can get the Little Chickies/Los Pollitos book here and the App here or Android.

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Brave Girls Book Review

I have 2 daughters and know how hard it can be to build their confidence, with bullies in school and hardships. I try to build their confidence as much as I can, but as they get older it can get harder. I just finished reading Brave Girls and it was very empowering to hear the insights in this book.


After interviewing hundreds of high-achieving businesswomen, Dr. Radin discovered that even the country’s most accomplished female professionals were often hampered by insecurity and afraid of being considered too aggressive in a business world run largely by men. She is dedicated to uncovering the inherent strengths, value, and skills of young girls.

Dr. Radins research showed that girls start to develop harmful thoughts around middle school, when kids start to question their identity.

My daughters are 9 and 10 and they are just entering the middle school age. Although my oldest daughter seems very confident and is a great student, someone saying something mean or bullying her really brings her down.
I try to instill in them that this world can be cruel and you need to be confident and stand up for yourself. Looks at all the powerful woman in this country, who have things said about them that are so rash, yet they ignore it and manage on.
Every chapter of this book makes me feel better as a parent knowing that I can help my daughters be brave Girls and help them grow stronger and have passion, power, and purpose.

Dr. Radin started the Unleashed program to help young girls build the tools needed to be more confident and brave. To learn more about this program and how you can help visit Unleashed.

You can buy the book here.

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Marsha Mellow Goes Missing: An Unoffical Story For Shopkins Collectors

Shopkins featuring 450 characters from three seasons, are tint adorable themed characters that have become one of the most popular toys.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.21.55 AM

What’s even more fun than shopping for Shopkins? Hanging out with friends who love them! Meet the Shopkins Kids Club, five girls who meet every week to buy, trade, and play with their favorite characters. As they build their prized collections, they also collect adventures—and little lessons about friendship and family, too.

Nine-year-old Maggie can’t wait to go camping with her grandparents and her friends from the Shopkins Kids Club. The five girls sit around the campfire, making s’mores, singing songs, and trading Shopkins. Everything is perfect, except for Maggie’s annoying little brother, Max, who’s being a huge pain. But when Maggie’s prized Marsha Mellow goes missing, the campout heads downhill fast. Maggie suspects that one of her friends might be the culprit: envious Ava has been eying up her Marsha Mellow all night! Can Maggie find Marsha Mellow—and find a way to salvage her friendships and her campout?

As Maggie follows the clues to find the missing Marsha Mellow, she learns lessons about taking care of your things, not judging others too quickly, apologizing when you need to, and, most of all, inclusion: inviting others to join in instead of keeping them out. More members in the Shopkins Kids Club just means more fun! Join Maggie and the Shopkins Kids Club in this brand-new story for Shopkins collectors!

** Both of my daughters just got done reading this book and they loved it. They said it was full of adventure, friendship and caring. My daughter said it even hinted as to what pack you might find Marsha Mellow in.

It’s only 112 pages, so the younger kids can read it without losing attention to fast.

Marsha Mellow Goes Missing will be available June 23, 2015 for $7.99

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