Biz Stain Fighter Helps Fight the toughest

I have been chosen to be a Biz Stain Fighter ambassador again for the 2017 year. I am excited to tell u all about their products and what they have to offer.

Biz was the first enzyme based pre-soak and color-safe bleach that Moms have trusted to remove stains from the family’s laundry, for more than 40 years. Different types of stains need different ingredients to clean them. Science shows that there is no one single ingredient that cleans everything well. So why doesn’t every brand put all of these ingredients in? Probably because it costs more to do that. But BIZ didn’t cut corners here… BIZ has more stainfighters than other brands. That’s why it works better.

As a mom of three I am doing laundry daily not to mention soaking and treating daily stains my kids come home with. It’s a constant daily struggle with stains in my house, so I use Biz Stain Fighter with every wash.

Biz Stain Fighter

The toughest stain in my house right now is pasta sauces.My kids love pasta and always seem to be wearing light colored clothing when they eat it. Making a big mess and staining their clothes. Usually I will have to put some biz with hot water in a bowl and let it sit over night then wash with more biz but gets the job done.

Biz is great for other uses to like it will treat stains set into your carpet or upholstery. So its great to have on hand for any occasion.

Have you used Biz Stain fighter?

You can find Biz products at these locations.

Disclosure: I am a 2017 Biz Ambassador, and will be receiving compensation as well as products for my contribution. All Opinions are 100% my own.

Back To School With LEI Fashions

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received for this post. Products were provided for review.

The kids are back n school, and when we went back to school shopping we bought tons of short sleeves, skirts and didn’t really focus on Fall clothes. It was still hot and my kids won’t wear pants until they are freezing. Now that the the weather is getting cooler we are focusing more on jeans and cute tops.
One of my favorite brands is LEI, I love the feel and fit. My daughters are so picky with jeans and how they feel that we went looking just for LEI. They have some of the cutest clothes for girls.



I just love these tops they are spaghetti straps with a attached see through cover and they compliment the jeans perfect.



These tops are so cute as they have a purse design on them to make it look like they are wearing a purse. They shirt even has a pocket for them to keep things in their “purse”.

These outfits from LEI are just absolutely gorgeous, my girls love them. The Shadow Stripe Boxy fashion top matched with the Boyfriend patchwork jeans has become my daughters favorite outfit.

You can find LEI fashions at Walmart stores.

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