It’s Graduation Time: Big Announcement

It’s graduation season for High Schools, colleges, even Pre-k and Kindergarten are getting in on the action.

The next couple days I will be showcasing a few awesome ideas for gifts for the special person that is heading to graduation.

Now for my big announcement:

After 9 years and a lot of hardwork. My husband has finally graduated with his PHD. How exciting is that? It’s been a long hard road of being in school and having 3 kids, but we managed to make it work.



He gave the best graduation speech and got tons of compliments after wards.

He graduated with a PHD in Biology, and has accepted a Job at Yale. How exciting is that. No Time Mommy will be moving to Connecticut.

So not that far from where we are now, and I can still bring you the latest and greatest from NYC events.

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