2015 Hess Toy Truck is The Best Yet

Every year we get my son a Hess Toy Truck, I know this is a tradition in many families, but we just started a few years ago. They are different every year and bring joy to so many children every year. The year they are introducing the 2015 Hess Toy Truck and Rescue Ladder


The 2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue is a red fire truck with oversized tires, swiveling fire hose nozzles, LED lights, a searchlight, a slide out ramp, and 4 sounds. The smaller fire truck has a rotating ladder, moveable nozzles and a push activated Friction Motor.

This year Hess has placed 100 numbered silver edition fire trucks in random boxes.

*** I have to say this is one of the best trucks yet, not only is it red instead of the usual green and white, the lights are brighter, sound is louder and it just sticks out above all the others. The lights are of course Red White and Blue just like police sirens. The spotlight can be turned around to face any angle.



You can learn more about the 2015 Hess Toy Truck on their website. Unfortunately they are already sold out this year, and the only place you can find them is Ebay and Amazon.

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A product was provided for review.

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