Last Minute Valentines Gifts from Stop and Shop

Valentines Day is this weekend, and i know the stores will be packed with people looking for those last minute Valentines gifts. Stop and Shop has tons of amazing gift that you can pick up last minute or when your grocery shopping.

While shopping for a romantic dinner at home you can find these Valentine gifts.

  • Chocolate, of course!
  • Halmark cards
  • Assorted gift cards
  • A bottle of sparkling cider or wine
  • Floral Bouquet
  • A romance novel
  • favorite magazines
  • Plush teddy bear
  • Balloons
  • Valentine cupcakes or brownies

Most Stop and Shop locations also have a Redox kiosk, so you can also pick up a movie to share with your loved one.



Stop and Shop sent me a box of chocolates to get a sneak peek of what they had to offer for Valentines Day. The Russel Stovers box of chocolates was perfect packed and the chocolate was delicious. None of the pieces got passed up even my kids shared the box with me.

They have amazing gifts for the kids too, from small boxes of chocolates to character themed activities. I even saw a box containing big Shopkins plush.

For menu ideas or recipes to help with your Valentines dinner or any night of the week visit Stop and Shop.

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received, a product was provided by Stop and Shop. All opinions are 100% my own.

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