Anyone Can Play Tuba

Anyone Can Play Tuba! I use to think that the people that played Tuba were the tall and strong people with loyd voices and had enough air in their lungs to really blow the instrument.

The Tuba in itself is a giant instruments and really heavy specially if you are marching around.

All of my thoughts and speculations about Tuba players have now changed and I believe anyone big or small can play Tuba.

It all started when my daughter started 4th grade, she had to choose and instrument and put Tuba as her 3rd choice. Well, no one else put Tuba on their sheets at all so she received the Tuba to play.

It was so big compared to her, she is a very small short child. She was a little discouraged at first because she couldn’t handle it right and the position of the tuba made it a bit awkward.

After her first summer camp she decided she loved the Tuba and became very good actually. Now a year and a half later she is still going at it. In fact her new school didn’t even offer Tuba but after she showed she could play they let her join in and still play.


You can’t even see her face around the Tuba when she plays. It’s that big. LOL!

Just listen to her play.

Don’t discourage your kids from playing anything they want. It was easy for my daughter to learn to play Tuba using this book.

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