Shopkins Blind Bags

My kids have been Shopkins obsessed lately, they love the toys. Even more than that they loved being surprised by the Shopkins Blind Bags. There are so many different kind of Shopkins Blind bags like the Shopkins trading cards, foil tags, magnets, and more. Each pack comes with one shopkin from a various season.

** Hint for those of you disappointed with not getting any season 4 shopping bags, this is the perfect way to get a few.

These are perfect for Easter baskets and popular too, just look at the millions of videos on youtube.

Shopkins Blind Bags

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Shopkins Easter Eggs

Easter is only a week away and I am rushing around to get everything ready. My daughters have said they want Shopkins Easter Eggs and baskets this year. Why not, after all Shopkins are so popular right now.

Shopkins is introducing Shopkins Easter eggs, colorful eggs with regular Season 4 Shopkins and Pastel colored season 4. These Shopkins Easter Eggs are so cute and the kids love opening them to see whats inside.

Shopkins Easter Eggs

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Shopkins Shoppies Dolls 5 In Total

So Shopkins has been adding tons of new products lately with the release of Season 4. When season 4 launched they introduced 2 new Shopkins Shoppies dolls. They are so beautiful and come with their own shopkin exclusives.

There are 4 dolls and 1 doll that includes a playlet to make the Shoppies collection of 5, so far. There maybe more coming in the future.


The two new dolls that will be joining Bubbleisha, Jessicake, and Popette are….. Donatina and Peppa Mint.


Donation’s Donuts Delight Playset was released just before Christmas. The set includes a red and pink inspired doll, a donut cart and of course plenty of donut shopkins. The doll also comes with a pink donut purse, hairbrush, 2 exclusive Shopkins Daisy Donut and Rolly Donut and 4 mini shopkins.


Peppa Mint: Peppa mint is a Turquoise inspired doll with her mint hair and chocolate cone inspired outfit. Her accessories include a Hairbrush, ice cream purse and her two exclusive Shopkins Carla Cone and Icy-Bowl.

With all Shopkins Shoppies Dolls you get a VIP download app card to get VIP access and rewards.

Have you found any of the Shopkins Shoppies dolls in store? I found all mine online, haven’t seen any in store.

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Shopkins Season 4 Is Coming

If your kids are anything like mine they are Shopkins obsessed. My kids absolutely love them, and want all the figures.

Shopkins released their 3rd season in July/August and are now getting ready to release season 4. Shopkins Season 4 should be released sometime around Christmas or early January, but knowing it’s the holiday season I am thinking early December.

I was able to get a little sneak peak on season 4 and they will be so cute. Some of the categories will be……..
Fruit/Veggies-Cherries, Mushrooms, Lettuce and more
Bakery- bagels, bon bons and more
accessories featuring belts, handbags and more
Homewares- They have a TOILET!
Garden- Plants and trees
Sweet Treats- ice cream, pancakes, jelly and more
Partytime- hats, balloons, plates,
Petshop- These are pet accessories like balls, collars, cat food etc. (these will all be Ultra rare)
Petkins- pets but some are like a cup or house with a pet face and ears. This section is bigger than usual and these are all special editions.
Limited Editions- all perfume like shopkins

Another thing I am told is that the baskets are more like crates for your pets. There are no handles, but maybe different in full packs.

Who is excited and ready for Shopkins Season 4? We are ready and waiting and will be hopefully bringing you lots of opening videos.

Ultimate Shopkins Party At Toys R US

This Saturday August 15th, Toys R US is hosting the Ultimate Shopkins Party at your local Toys R US.

They will be handing out posters and trading cards, but please realize they are limited. It will be first come first serve. Bring all your doubles from all seasons and trade with other party goers, and make new friends.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.12.54 PM

It’s going to be a blast and it’s a easy way to get rid of your double Shopkins.

WE are definitely going to try and be there, and swap all of our doubles from season 2 and 3.

Are you a Shopkins fan? Heading out to the Ultimate Shopkins Party at Toys R Us?

Marsha Mellow Goes Missing: An Unoffical Story For Shopkins Collectors

Shopkins featuring 450 characters from three seasons, are tint adorable themed characters that have become one of the most popular toys.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.21.55 AM

What’s even more fun than shopping for Shopkins? Hanging out with friends who love them! Meet the Shopkins Kids Club, five girls who meet every week to buy, trade, and play with their favorite characters. As they build their prized collections, they also collect adventures—and little lessons about friendship and family, too.

Nine-year-old Maggie can’t wait to go camping with her grandparents and her friends from the Shopkins Kids Club. The five girls sit around the campfire, making s’mores, singing songs, and trading Shopkins. Everything is perfect, except for Maggie’s annoying little brother, Max, who’s being a huge pain. But when Maggie’s prized Marsha Mellow goes missing, the campout heads downhill fast. Maggie suspects that one of her friends might be the culprit: envious Ava has been eying up her Marsha Mellow all night! Can Maggie find Marsha Mellow—and find a way to salvage her friendships and her campout?

As Maggie follows the clues to find the missing Marsha Mellow, she learns lessons about taking care of your things, not judging others too quickly, apologizing when you need to, and, most of all, inclusion: inviting others to join in instead of keeping them out. More members in the Shopkins Kids Club just means more fun! Join Maggie and the Shopkins Kids Club in this brand-new story for Shopkins collectors!

** Both of my daughters just got done reading this book and they loved it. They said it was full of adventure, friendship and caring. My daughter said it even hinted as to what pack you might find Marsha Mellow in.

It’s only 112 pages, so the younger kids can read it without losing attention to fast.

Marsha Mellow Goes Missing will be available June 23, 2015 for $7.99

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A product was provided for review.

Season 3 Shopkins are Here

Disclosure: Absolutely no compensation was received for this post. All products were bought on my own.

Season 3 Shopkins are finally here, well trickling out very slowly. I saw that they were available online at Toys R Us and quickly put in a order. They sold out within 1 hour.

We have been waiting for season 3 after finishing up our collection. We have one of each character not color, excluding Limited Editions.


Season 3 Shopkins are so cute. The categories include: Fruit and Veggies, International Foods, Homewares, Stationaries, Hats, Shoes, Sweet Treats and Bakery. Of course there are limited editions also, they are jewels.


They are so cute: Although some of the Shopkins seem a bit smaller than season 1 and 2. But I love that they are including more male related Shopkins this time around. Colors are more solid and more Shopkins featuring male names, like Aspara-Gus, Ginger-Fred, Casper Cap and a few more.

Our favorites are:
Kenzie loves Nettie Spaghetti
William Loves Ginger-Fred
Alex loves Fiona Fries
Brandy loves Sconnie

Reveal 2

Reveal 3

Who is excited? I’am but to be honest I am not about the hunt. Every time my local stores get them one person wipes them out.
You will be able to find these in stores very soon or keep checking online for updates and in stock orders.

Shopkins Slap Bands Are So Much Fun

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Shopkins have only been on the market for about a year, but they are already my children’s favorite toy. They play with them day and night. If your kids do love them, well then of course you know how hard they are to find. It gets pretty crazy!

Now, there is a new Shopkins item on the market just in time for Easter. Shopkins Slap Bands are the new it item. Once I see them in store they are gone within 10 minutes.

There are 8 different bands featuring your favorite shopkins characters, like Lippy Lips, Pineapple Crush, Soda Pops and more.


The Shopkins Slap Bands are very sturdy and don’t break, unless of course you bend them and roll them the wrong way. I was telling my kids about loving slap bands when I was younger but they were flimsy and made of really cheap material. The Shopkins Slap Bands are very sturdy and you can even throw them from a short distance and they attach to the arm.


My kids just love showing them off and everyone asks where they can get them.

Shopkins Slap Bands are available at select retailers that you can find here.

Shopkins So Cool Fridge and Shopkins Easter Basket

Disclosure: No formal compensation was received. A fridge was provided for review.

My kids have fallen for the Shopkins craze, and when a new product comes out they just want it.
One of the latest products is the Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset.


The fridge comes with two special characters and tiny eggs. You can open the fridge and all it’s compartments. The ice maker even works, just stick a Shopkin on it and push for ice and it falls in the cup. The fridge can hold plenty of Shopkins and has been non stop fun for my kids.


They have been sticking the shoes and appliances in the fridge,and then complaining it doesn’t go there. We don’t have very many season 1 which have the Dairy.

My kids love Shopkins but as a mom they can be so hard to find, and there have been a few times where I will find them but then someone scoops everything up before I can get one. It has taken months just to get the few we have, because I tell my kids they can have 1 pack each when we find them. It’s only fair to leave them for other kids who love them.

Shopkins Easter Basket Fun:

We have been putting together some fun ideas for a Shopkins Easter Basket including the fridge. Shopkins are so small they can fit in the Easter eggs and it’s perfect for a egg hunt.



Depending on the size eggs you buy you can fit a Shopkin in a small egg or a Shopkin with a shopping bag in a big egg.


Will you be doing a Shopkins Easter Basket?

Holiday: Shopkins Are A Holiday Hit #HGG14

Product was received, all opinions are my own.


Shopkins are the super cute, fun, small characters that live in a BIG shopping world! Shopkins Are A Holiday hit for 2014, and my kids want to collect them all.

We received a Shopkins Mall Play Set to try out for the holidays. My kids have been collecting Shopkins for weeks so adding the play set just overjoyed them. You can put the Shopkins through a actual checkout and bag them.


The ply set even comes with a small shopping cart, it’s my sons favorite item in the pay set. He puts all his Shopkins in it and pushes them around.



I am learning all about the world of Shopkins and that all the Shopkins come in categories, common, rare, ultra rare etc. So my kids are on the hunt for the ones that are hard to find.

Moose Toys has just started releasing Season 2 of the Shopkins series, so now we are on the hunt for those that include all new characters.

To learn more about Shopkins, watch episodes and see the characters visit

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