Awesome Summer Hacks That’ll improve your Summer For Sure

The summer sun can be maddening, and can dehydrate you to the extent of making one look dead and shabby. These quick tips and hacks to save the day, even when the car breaks down on the highway helps you stay cool. And while you learn more about dealing with the summer sun, get your car upgraded to beat the summer harshness too by checking out Want to save handsomely in your shopping today? Use exciting coupons from Advance Auto Parts from with free shipping and plenty of savings on everything your car needs. Now, be summer ready while shopping smarter and saving on your hard earned dollars!

Carry a DIY face scrub to cool off
It is a fact that most of the anger and temper arises when we feel the heat; literally. This is why, cooling down a little and then thinking of the next plan would be the norm. Make a DIY face scrub and carry it with you wherever you go. You could also make a DIY liquid face wash too. For this you would need halfa lemon (juiced), a tablespoon of sugar (mixed into the lemon concentrate) and cotton swabs. While driving around and should you halt somewhere, refresh not only with a cool frizzy drink for respite, but cool off your skin too. Dip the cotton swabs into the lemon face wash and apply it all over your face and neck. Keep it on for ten minutes and then wash off with normal water. Your skin would be freed away from dirt and grime, you would look fresh and the vitamins in the lemon would nourish your skin too.

Lemon green ice tea
Apart from the antioxidants and the vitamins in the drink, lemon green ice tea also helps calm the nerves and relieves the body from allergies of summers too. For the best drink so chilled and nice, refreshing too,colas and aerated liquids shouldn’t be the guzzle norm- empty calories galore! What you need is a cup of cold lemon green ice tea, which is easy to make at home. For this you would need a cup of water (boiled and hot) to which two bags of green tea are added and the lid kept closed for ten minutes. Remove the lid and set aside the tea bags (for reuse), add to this a pinch of spice and honey for taste. Allow the liquid to cool and set it in the fridge for an hour. Pour it into your shake bottles and add some ice too. Drink away, cool down and keep the body healthily nourished too.

Green Tea Bags at the BBQ
Summer BBQ parties happen now and then, and the whole neighbourhood gets together for a little fun too. But after the party, it is daddy who has to flex those muscles and clean up the baking and grilling trays, the skewers and more- not so much fun anymore now, is it? Did you know, reusing green tea bags can help clean the BBQ plates, grills and skewers faster than before? Soaking the plates and skewers in warm water to which the reusable green tea bags are added for the first half hour would do the miracle- wash it with liquid dish washing soap later on.

Body packs to cool down with
Come back home and let go off the heat accumulated on the body with a nice body back to immerse in. For this, you would need a large cucumber sliced and chilled. Cold honey (two large cups) and three tablespoons of Epsom salt for the bath water. Set your tub with cold water and warm water in equal mix, to which the Epsom salt has been added. Apply the honey all over your body, and wait outside the tub for the liquid to dry. Once dry, now place the cucumber slices over your face, your eyes and your neck and soak yourself into the tub till the neckline. Deep breathe, relax and let the magical ingredients work its way through. Wash up well and moisturize thereafter- get into bed and snooze away!

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