Blogger Bash 2015 #BBNYC

I recently attended Blogger Bash 2015, this was my second time attending this conference. I love attending it’s a great chance to mingle with other blogger and meet some awesome brands.


Day 1 started with the Care Bears Brunch. We got to see the new toys coming out for the Care Bears and learn about the brand.


Some of the highlights were that a young man named Zach has been helping people all over the world and his new mission was to give all the homeless children in NYC a Care Bear, since it is his favorite. The Care Bears are helping and donating the stuffed animals to help. How great is that.

Also my favorite TV show as a kid is coming back. Yes, the Care Bear cousins are coming back to TV! Who is excited! See the trailer and more pictures on my instagram channel.

Next I got t see a exclusive performance of the Blue Man Group. I had never seen them live before, but it was one of the most amazing shows ever.


We were not suppose to take any video or pictures during the show, even though I know a lot of bloggers did. So I only have a few pics afterward.



Including a interview with one of the members of the Blue Man Group. It was amazing learning how much training and energy goes into practicing and learning the routines.

The last surprise of the night was one of my favorites. Sweet Suite! There were so many amazing companies. The venue was Peir 60 in Chelsea, which I love You can see the statue of Liberty in the distance.


Sweet Suite started off with a bang featuring beautiful flower arrangements and woman dressed like candy. Some of my favorite brands were there including Tech4Kids. Moose Toys, GoldieBloks, and more.



Moose Toys was featuring their New Scoops Ice Cream Truck. They also found a Limited Edition while unpacking Shopkins. I finally got to touch Limited Edition Shopkin.


Day 2:
Day 2 started off with a amazing breakfast with Disney Infinity, in which we were able to get a sneak peak at Disney Infinity 3.0. They will have new toy boxes and characters including Star Wars, Inside Out and so much more.


After the breakfast they had some amazing sponsors you could meet with and also Baby Palooza, which I love attending every year. This year Anne Geddes was invited to speak again. I love hearing her talk, she is so amazing.



The next amazing event had us all laughing hysterically. It was The Peanuts Movie Lunch. Some of the voice cast joined us and were amazing. The kids were just so funny.



This was the end of blogger Bash for me I missed so many amazing events, but I had to get home to my family.

Hoping 2016 Blogger Bash is just as amazing.

I will be writing more posts so stay tuned. Don’t forget to check out my instagram linked above for more pics of all the events.

Learn more about Blogger Bash here.

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